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Zygaena (지게나, Jigaena) is a giant and massive Shinheuh that lived on the 21st Floor and also a trademark of the Yeon Family. The Shinheuh was used as the Test Arena for Team Tangsooyook as the part of their test.[1]


The creature is considered sacred by many people who reside the 21st Floor. Its appearance closely resembles that of a tortoise with no shell, with the exception of two blowholes (like a whale) at the center of its belly and on its back, a long stingray-esque tail, two horns and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Zygaena will periodically "flips over" its body, in order to "sunbathe".[1] Whenever it surfaces, Zygaena will blow water through one of its blowholes. Its innards are accessible through the two blowholes and provide more than sufficient space for Regulars and Rankers to enter its body.

Zygaena's Flower

There is a special "jewel" that only grows inside of a Zygaena,[1][2] which comes from the centre of "Zygaena's Flower". It is extremely valuable and hard to get, as it grows only inside of Zygaena and is considered one of the best jewels due to its beautiful colour. Because of this, Zygaenas are classified as endangered species on the 21st Floor.[2] However, this "jewel" is also the nutrition and foods for Baby Zygaena. In order to protect the value of the jewel, the Yeon Family prevented all the babies from growing up by harvesting the flower.[3]

Because of Jaina Repellista Zahard's whims,[4] Ha Yuri Zahard requested for Urek Mazino to take a baby Zygaena away in order to make the jewel more common in the future.[3][5]

Appearances and Design

Adult Zygaena looks very different compared to Baby Zygaena. They are very big and huge. Their skin color are also changed to cream and light brown color.

Powers and Abilities


Notes and trivia

  • It could be named after the moths Zygaena

Alternative translation

  • Zigena (LINE Webtoon)[1]



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