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The Zahard Family's crest

The Zahard Family (자하드 가문, Jahadeu Gamun) is the family centered around King Zahard, who entered and climbed the Tower with the 10 Great Warriors. In terms of Family it consists of the head Zahard, his daughters referred to as the Zahard's Princesses and the Royal Enforcement Division.


Although not directly connected by blood, the Zahard Princesses are a selected group of females who received Zahard's power through his blood. Princesses' candidates are periodically selected several hundred years, most of them are selected from the 10 Great Families. When a princess is selected she receive Zahard's power through his blood and become part of the "most powerful kind" in the Tower. Most of them climb the Tower afterwards although, due to originating from one of the 10 Great Families and receiving Zahard's power, they boast a power that is on a completely different level compared to the rest of the Regulars. Because Zahard is unable to procreate due to the power of his blood, the idea of Zahard Princesses was introduced with the purpose of raising woman powerful enough to bear Zahard's child.

Below lists the Princesses and squads which compose the Zahard Family.

Known Princesses

Royal Enforcement Division's members


The Zahard Family is represented by a symbol which consists of 3 eyes and 3 dots; the eyes are above and the dots are below.

Cave symbol1

Symbol in cave area where Baam lived

A similar symbol consisting of 3 eyes, 3 dots and a cross, was seen in the cave area where Baam was sealed.[2] However, it's unknown what meaning that symbol carries outside of The Tower; Rachel merely refererred to it as the "Three Eyes".[3]


Zahard Symbol on Wangnan's Ring

SIU suggested that the Zahard's symbol bearing ring might be made of clotted blood.[4]

Ja Wangnan was worried his ring could fall in someone else's hands.[5]
Karaka stated that another man wearing the very same ring meant his brother was alive.[6]

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite the independent rules of the Name Hunt station, the "Zahard" name cannot be stolen at the station.[7]
  • Officially, the Zahard Familly has no Prince.[8]
  • Individuals from the Zahard Family don't know much about spells since they are labeled as taboo. [9]

Alternate Translations

  • Jahad Family (LINE Webtoon)


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