A long time ago, Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors entered the Tower and undertook gruelling tests. They were then recognised as the rulers of the Tower[1]. As time went on, their Empire eventually expanded reaching the 134th Floor of the Tower. There are currently 135 confirmed Floors, though the Zahard Empire has only expanded up to the 134th Floor, as Zahard nor any other person has yet to conquer the 135th Floor.

The King

The Zahard Empire is led by King Zahard. Ever since its foundation, the Empire dominated over the first 134 Floors of the Tower.

However after the passage of time the Empire's influence diminished over several Floors. It is worthy to note that of the 134 conquered Floors, only two are ruled by a High Ranker that is not a member of one of the 10 Great Families or the Zahard Family. Those Floors are the 77th Floor ruled by Baek Ryun and the 2nd Floor ruled by Evankhell.

The Three Lords

Even though Zahard is considered the ruler over the entire Tower, he is currently resting and is represented by the Three Lords who take turns to rule in his place every 1000 years. The Three Lords have the highest authority in all the politics of the Tower. Their names are Molic One P. GR, Joochun and Flux. Among the three, Molic is the one currently in power.

The Rulers

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Rulers (지배자, Jibaeja, "Rulers") are the overlords of a Floor in the Tower. Rulers gain the authority to rule a Floor with the permission and consent of the Guardians. Since most of the Floors were conquered by Zahard and the 10 Families, it can be inferred that almost every Ruler is affiliated with the Zahard Empire.

When all the Rulers gather for a Ruler's Conference, the Three Lords have the final say on all items submitted by the "Ruler's Conference". It's unknown if the King is present during this Conference.

The Ruling Families

First, there is the Zahard Family which consists of Zahard, the Princesses who have been adopted into it and the RED which works under the family. In terms of power and influence in the Tower, they are the greatest and most influential family in the Tower. The Princesses actually call Zahard their "Father".

Next come the 10 Great Families who hold considerable power within the Zahard Empire and are counted as part of the Ruling Class. Quite a few of the 10 Great Families have at least one Zahard Princess among their family members, in addition to Rankers and High Rankers.

The Princesses

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The Princesses of Zahard are a sect of elite females chosen to serve Zahard, as the obligation for receiving his grand power. They are the "ultimate species" and a formal Princess is chosen every several hundred years.[2][3] They are also the "chosen daughters" of the King because they call him "Father". Upon joining the Zahard Family, all of them discard their birth surname and instead, assume the surname of Zahard. None are descended from Zahard's blood, so most of them belong to the 10 Great Families.

It must be noted that after the Eurasia Enne Zahard incident, Eurasia Blossom forbade any of the Eurasia females from becoming Princesses.


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The Royal Enforcement Division are part of the Zahard Family. As the purpose of this organisation is to uphold the rules and image of the Zahard Family. They don't discard their birth names upon joining the Zahard Family and their members most likely don't call the King "Father".

Since all of their enemies are formerly from the Zahard Family, there is some animosity between RED and their targets as they're likely viewed as traitors and betrayers of the Empire. According to SIU, "it's kinda like the feelings between the military police and an official".[4]

The division has no loyalty towards King Zahard. But loyalty towards King Zahard among the RED members varies and most of them joined the RED to fulfill their urges and lust to commit murder or fight.[4]

Royal Guards

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There are Royal Guards led by Adori Zahard who also serve under Zahard. It is mentioned the Royal Guards and Royal Guides have the greatest loyalty towards Zahard, out of all groups within the hierarchy of the Zahard Empire.[4]

Royal Guides

There is also a faction of Royal Guides. It's led by Evan Edrok, who occupies the position of Chief Guide of the Zahard Royalty. It is worthy to note that guides cannot be "owned".[5][6] Yet any Princess of Zahard is entitled to a Guide upon becoming a Ranker thanks to a contract of the Zahard Family.[7]

Zahard's Army

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The Zahard Army is known for its power and authority throughout the tower which has many powerful rankers in the army. The army is being led by the current strongest princess, Adori Zahard.[8][9]

Military Police

It has been mentioned by SIU there is a military police but nothing is known about them so far. Also the military police in the Zahard army is not the RED.[4]

Inner Tower and the Tower's Rules

Despite the power and influence of the Zahard Empire, all staff (including the Ruler) on the Floor are still subjected to the Tower's rules in the testing Floors of the Inner Tower. Some of them are:

  • They may not change the rules of the test and as a workaround, likely have to resort to adding rules.
  • They are to uphold the fairness of the Tower's rules.
  • They are likely prohibited from involving any of the test takers.
  • They are likely prohibited from causing direct harm to the test-takers.
  • Rankers are not allowed to interfere with Regulars during a test.[10]
  • Non-Regulars are not allowed to be involved in areas for Regulars by law. Those non-Regulars who trespasses such areas will have restrictions for using their full power. Most Rankers whose actions may be considered excessive would have been executed right away.[11]

However, Test Directors and Test Admins must fully act according to the guidelines of the Guardian. For example Mule Love was reprimanded by his superior Augusgus for illegally conducting a test during the middle of the night.[12]

It's unknown if breaking these rules is the same as breaking certain limitations set by the Guardians which would then result in the contract being broken.

Deification and Propaganda

King Zahard is apparently worshipped like a god and is essentially referred as "The Great King Zahard". The 10 Family Heads are apparently viewed as the 10 Great Warriors which seems to confer an almost mythological status upon them. Also, their process of conquering the Tower is supposedly referred to as "The Great Journey".

Many or all of the Princesses are also worshipped by people of the Tower and admired by the masses. They're viewed as the "ultimate species" and call Zahard their "Father". And some of them were part of the Great Journey as they were Zahard's helpers in conquering the Floors and aided him in expanding his Empire. Also, the Guards stationed in Repellista's palace were called "fanatics" by Koon Maschenny Zahard,[13] which possibly hints at the propaganda they exhibit or undergo.

Although much or most of the Tower likely worships the above figures to a certain extent, there are exceptions. For example: Hon Akraptor and Kang Horyang don't seem to mind conflicting with the Zahard Empire.[14]

External Relationships

Among the Tower, the Empire's rules has been affected by two groups currently in operation. Wolhaiksong is an organisation whose liberal movements sometimes clashes against the Empire's conservative practices. It is led by Urek Mazino and Baek Ryun and its goal is to "find the way out of the Tower". The influence of Wolhaiksong is quite large but not equivalent to that of the 10 Great Families. The second group is FUG, the most dangerous and secretive criminal group in the Tower lead by Grace Mirchea Luslec.

FUG is often compared to the Wolhaiksong because of their opposition to the 10 Families. However, whereas the Wolhaiksong is an organisation centered around several members, FUG is an organisation centered around a single faith:[15] to kill Zahard and the heads of the 10 Great Families. The 10 Families forbid anyone within their Families to enter FUG and they consider it an important duty to eliminate their members, who are known to hide within the shadows of the Middle Area. Despite its dangerous status, it does not mean that they hold enough influence to challenge Zahard and the 10 Families.[15] As long as the 10 Family Heads hold the contracts with the Tower’s Guardians, FUG’s influence cannot overcome the Family Heads.



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