This article contain profile of Zahard as Regular in the form of artificial Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor. If you're looking for his status as a High Ranker and King of The Tower, see Zahard.

I am the one who will become the king. I am the one destined to rule the top of the tower. The first and greatest adventurer, with the red third eye on my forehead and a crimson cape wrapped around me. I am Zahard.

—Data Zahard introducing himself to Twenty-Fifth Baam.[1]

Data Zahard is an artificial character, a young version of High-Ranker Zahard, the King of The Tower, back when he was still a Regular. It was created after the real Zahard stored his image in the mirror using the Mirror of the Past.


Before reading the history of Data Zahard, you might want to read the beginning History of The Hidden Floor.

The history of Data Zahard begins after the real young Zahard stored his image within the Mirror of the Past and started to form a virtual world with other data. It is unknown what Data Zahard did during this period of time, because it's only after the real Zahard became King of The Tower thousand years later that Zahard found out about the existence of this virtual world and his data self.

Data Zahard bring new mirror

According to Data Eduan, after a very long time has passed since how they came to be, someday, Data Zahard brought a mirror which leads to a new mirror world (which later known as The Hidden Hidden Floor). Data Zahard proposed to his 12 companions that they need to move and live in that new mirror world for privacy, because the current mirror world they are in (the Hidden Floor) are getting crowed with the "newcomers", (data of regulars who have cleared the hell train). Data Zahard received this mirror from his real self, the King Zahard. Data Eduan further added that all of them agreed to move in that new mirror world, except himself. Data Eduan refused to move into that new mirror world because he was suspicious of Data Zahard. Data Eduan felt that Data Zahard has changed into someone different after he met the real him (King Zahard) on the outside. Later, the suspicion of Data Eduan was confirmed after he investigated and traveled to that new mirror world himself. Data Eduan said that there was no one left that he knew in that world, because all of data that crossed over in that mirror world with Data Zahard were deleted.[2]

Young Data Zahard trying to convince Real Zahard

It is clear that the real Zahard, King of The Tower had influenced his data self so that he can 'customize and setting' the hidden floor according to his own desire, such as deleting the data his 11 companions (except Khun Eduan who refused), influenced his data self to become evil and ruthless, and also built a fail safe system that will activate and let him interfere inside the hidden floor if the special conditions are met. He create the fail safe system to prevent any kind of act that threatens the whole existence of the hidden floor. A little part of his power and presence will be transferred into the hidden floor in the form of data, so that he can eliminate the threat personally.[3] King Zahard created all this system in the hidden floor because he cannot get in personally into the hidden floor because of the rules that Rankers aren't allowed to enter the hidden floor.

Data Zahard and Real Zahard met via mirror reflection

Data Zahard first met his real self as the King of the Tower through huge mirror reflection. He was more flustered than happy at that time, because in spite how flawless and perfect his future self seemed as a powerful and great king, he sensed a small, but massive feeling of anxiety within his real self. Data Zahard was so disappointed after he found out that his real self is feared of something despite having gotten so powerful. Data Zahard decided to help his real self to change the Hidden Floor and even hide the special bracelet.[4] But after fighting Twenty-Fifth Baam and felt that Baam could become a new rival and adventure for his real self on the outside, Data Zahard change his decision from killing Baam to help him escape the hidden floor from his real self, the King Zahard. In the end, Baam successfully escape from the hidden floor after Data Eduan eat the reset pill and deleting the whole hidden floor, including Data Zahard.

Appearance and Personality

Data Zahard appearance

Data Zahard appearance was not much different compared to his real self, with his yellow hair, tattoo on the eye, and a red cape. The only things that's different are his fashion, face mask, body height and body weight. Data Zahard is very small compared to his real self. He was portrayed as a young man with ridiculous fashion style. Fans has been calling his data's fashion style as childish and making jokes out of it. Many Tower of God fans and readers has been saying that young Zahard seems like a kid who want to be a superhero and cosplayer instead of an adventurer.

Data Zahard is very confident, optimistic, brave, fearless. He is an adrenaline seeker and junker. He has a very competitive spirit, so he used to put his life on the line for bets or competitions.[5]. But on the negative side, he's thinking too highly of himself, high ego, high pride, rude, tend to look down on others, and emotional. He seems to has more respect and willing to listen towards his dear companions, rather than to ordinary, normal people. As seen when he respected Data Eduan and willing to listen to him regarding to matters such asc challenges, bets, advice, and proposals. He also keeps his promise with Data Eduan regarding about Baam's matter and not to kill Eduan's children as long as they didn't cross the line or breaking the rules. He keep his promise as long it is something that could entertain him. But, he only trust his dear companions because he is hard to trust anyone. He also always act according to his personal judgement and opinion.

He like things that interest him or enjoy fighting with someone that has high spirit.[6] He hates something that hurt his pride. However, sometimes he still have mercy for his enemies, that if only he liked the enemy's courage or power potential. As seen when Data Zahard tried to spared Data Maschenny's life for her courage[7] or when he spared Baam after seeing his potential to fight his real self. He enjoys facing opponents who charge at him bravely. At first, he will fight back unenthusiastically, but once an opponent really stimulates him, he get uncontrollably powerful. Data Zahard will only begin to fight seriously when he shows his teeth. [8]

Powers and Abilities

285 - 3.jpg

As a data version of King Zahard, the so called The King of the Tower, ranked 3rd in the list, Data Zahard is super strong and so powerful. He can pretty much challenge or destroy everything in the hidden floor, except the Data of Khun Eduan. Without Eduan, no one will able to stop him.

Data Zahard shows a very extreme, dangerous, and deadly combat fighting skill. He has a very strong body, high endurance, high stamina, fast reaction, quick speed, very agile and flexible in mobility and movement, thus making him a very dangerous opponent in both long range and close range. He is very aggressive in close range fight and will always have killing intent. Even Maschenny was aware of his aggressiveness and warned Asensio not to get too close and avoid close combat with Data Zahard.[9]


Data Zahard has a very strong physical body and shinsu resistance. He exploit this advantage of his and use it in every combat maneuverability that he learned and ever know. His body is so strong that he can touch and get hit by Data Maschenny's powerful lightning attack without getting scratched and was left unharmed. He can easily touch and grab Maschenny's White Lance that was equipped with lightning with just one bare hand, and not getting hurt by it's sudden attack that generated a very powerful lightning explosion attack,[6] or when he purposely let his guard down and allow Data Maschenny to attack and hit his forehead directly with Great Spear of Dawn.[6] He also survived without a scratch from Baam's Extreme Black-Winged Butterfly Attack.[8] He can catch up to Baam, who are using Blue Oar in the sky with just a single jump.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Known for many as specifically being a Fisherman with brutish strength, Data Zahard is apparently a master and sublime hand-to-hand combatant. As seen when he fought Data Eduan, exchanging punches in close range fight.

Data Zahard also can easily saw and blocked all Data Maschenny's super fast lightning punch attack that at the same time, were combined with illusion of thousand blades attack from Asensio's Flying Fish Spear without having to move or dodge from the position where he stand.

Data jahad vs bam 2.jpg

Analyze and Perception: He shows an amazing performance to do quick analyze of his opponent skills, abilities and weakness, indicating that he has very vast intelligence and experiences in combat and fighting. As seen when he can deflect Baam's most dangerous attack as a regular very easily with just his four finger tips. He is able to tell right away about Baam's skills and also it's weaknesses. He also has amazing perception of his surroundings as seen when he can easily detect Sachi Faker, David Hockney, and Boro who are hiding far underground.

Psychokinesis: Data Zahard can also move objects simply by staring or gazing at it. Similiar to psychokinesis power. He was seen to move some giant object looking like sharp glasses and targeting to block escape route of Baam, Rak Wraithraiser, and Khun Aguero Agnis.[5]

Zahard's presence controlled the princesses

Controlling Zahard's Princesses: Data Zahard also seems to have a complete control over the princesses, even though he is still a regular. As seen in the Hidden Floor when Androssi Zahard and Data Maschenny was unable to move in front of Data Zahard's presence. This unknown power wasn't explained clearly, although it might has something to do with his blood or spell adjustment.

Shinsu Control Skills

Not only strong as a Fisherman with strong physical abilities, Data Zahard also an expert in controlling shinsu like a Wave Controller. He seems to be able to control and handle for at least twenty to thirty Baangs and can use it almost instantly and endlessly at any given time and rapidly shot it at tremendous speed.[9] As proven when Data Zahard was able to block Baam's Orb - Shinwonryu with only using Baangs. Baam's Shinwonryu actually devours the enemy shinsu, which means attacking his shinwonryu directly with shinsu will be totally useless because normally, the shinsu will be neutralized or absorbed. Data Zahard's Baang also got absorbed, but he was able to keep up with the attack and create enough Baangs to block it until Baam's Shinwonryu run out of energy.[10]

He use baangs for defensive needs or for offensive attack. He can always stand invincible and defend himself using countless number of baangs without having to dodge the enemies' attack. He always seen to not moving at all while doing so.

Data Zahard Baangs are very strong and solid. It can block Data Eduan's giant focused thunder Baang and destroyed all armors and shields that were summoned by Data Icardi using The Languages Storage spell in order to assist, support, and protect Data Maschenny in close combat. He also used the Baangs to defend and block Data Asensio's flying fish spear skill's attack, that felt like hundred blades, without even have to look at the attack that was aimed for his back.[7] The Baangs also can block all Baam's normal shinsu baangs[10] or Shinsu Orb attack.[8]

  • Golden Needle from Mystery Island (수수께끼 섬의 황금 니들): Data Zahard creates a giant golden needle made out of shinsu. [5] He use this golden needle against Data Eduan. He also use this ability to kill Data Asensio
  • Zahard Style: Air Explosion - Iron Fist (자하드식 공파술 금강장): Zahard sends his enemy flying with a strong shinsu blast explosion. This is a different, yet similiar technique to Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique which is in the same category as "Wave Explosion". But unlike Floral Butterfly, with this attack, Zahard can disrupt the shinsu in his opponent's body without needing to touch them.[11]
  • Shinwonryu: A technique learned from the God of Guardians, which Data Zahard claimed to have mastered, saying that Baam's use of it was sloppy compared to his, Data Zahard is able to create spheres of Shinwonryu and can make it explode inside himself to make him stronger and to launch powerful attacks.[11] He intended to kill Baam and his friends with a powerful blast before they were saved by Data Eduan. A single blast can destroy a building as big as golden dome to pieces. He used Shinwonryu again to destroy a combination attack of Data Maschenny, Data Asensio Flying Fish Spear blades and Sachi's vine rose spell.
  • Zahard Style Shinsu Control Skill - Cosmos (자하드식 신수제어술 코스모스): A technique used with the intention to a cause massive destruction, but it was nullified by Shinwonryu.
    • Second Cosmos (세컨드 코스모스): The next level of Cosmos technique. With this, Zahard can create multiple number of Cosmos.
  • Zahard Style Lethal Move - Rampage (자하드 류 살인기 팡란): a technique used for close combat.
  • Zahard Style Shinsu Control - Golden Bomb (자하드 류 신수제어술 금탄): a projectile technique used by data version of young Zahard in the Hidden Floor.


  • Lecalicus : Data Zahard possessed this special weapon when he was still a regular. This weapon can pierce through Icardi's rare defensive items that he summoned using a spell and badly injured Data Maschenny in its first form.[6] Lecalicus can summon a snake-like monster and it's a weapon that can transform into 3 different levels of different strengths. It's still unknown whether Zahard still possesses Lecalicus after he became a high ranker and king of the tower or not.


  • (To Baam) You don't know where you are from. What a strange kid you are. You are the one who is full of secrets. I am also from the outside. But unlike you, I wasn't trapped anywhere. The place I came from was very vast and spacious. You came from the outside and yet you don't know where you are from. You know about the real me but you don't seem to serve me as a king. Yes, very interesting.. It was worth coming here in person.[11]
  • (To Baam) "Do you know what it means to become a king? Becoming a king means erasing the people around you. Starting with the people who are the most distant and hostile towards you. Ultimately, you erase people who are closer to you. Then finally, when you have erased the person you love the most, you are alone in the world, and only the one who shines alone can become a king in the end."[11]
  • (To Baam) "You have very decent skills. But your wave explosion is too light."[11]
  • (Revealing his demon presence to Baam) "You from the outside, look carefully with those two eyes of yours. What do I look like to you now? A "human being?" or a "monster"?"[11]
  • (To Baam) "I see. So you can see the monster within me too? Fine. Go ahead and struggle. Nothing beats death when it comes to ending fear, little monster!!" [11]
  • (To Baam) "So, do you want to tell me now? Who are you and how do you know Arlene's name?"[11]
  • (To Baam) "You've taken too long to answer! I'll start by killing your companions!!" [11]
  • (To Hwang) "Are you joking? Even if all of them including you rush at me, I'm more capable of handling it by myself."[12]
  • (About Data Eduan) "I can't believe he was up to this behind my back after requesting a showdown."[13]
  • (To Maschenny, Asensio, Boro, Sachi, Hockney, and Batis) "I won't kill you warriors right away because I've made promise to Khun Eduan. But if you try to go any further, I'll consider it as violation of the promise and kill you all right here." [13]
  • (To Data Maschenny) "I can't believe one of Zahard's Princesses is pointing her spear at me. I'm not sure whether you're insane or you're underestimating me because I'm data."
  • (To Data Maschenny) "I tried to let you live because I liked your courage... It was my mistake to try to end this gently, when you have braced yourself for death. I admit that. Come here. Let me kill you." [7]
  • (To Data Maschenny) "Zahard's Princesses are supposed to have bodies tens of thousands of times stronger than ordinary people, and yet you fought to the point that not even your body could take it. (...Did you want... To challenge me that badly?)[7]
  • (To Baam) "It was inside myself that I found out that I have the 'Destiny of a King'. Whether I like it or not, I realized that I would become the peak of this tower and rule over everyone."[14]
  • (To Baam) "Amazing. You managed to defend youself again? The more I increase my power, the better your defense gets. Plus you also seem to be very lucky, because there are cores everywhere you fall."[8]
  • (To Baam) "Shall we try leveling up a bit? A bit more drastically this time. I wonder.. how long you'll be able to keep up with me. To be honest, I'm only now starting to get my hopes up for you."[8]
  • (To Baam) "You change and grow in an instant. Like a newborn baby. I have no idea who the hell you are, but you certainly have the potential to reach the level of me on the outside."[15]
  • (To Baam) "On the outside (of hidden floor) I'm the king of this tower. A king's destiny is to command everything according to his will. You picked a fight that you could never win. You will never surpass me on the outside!!"[15]
  • (To himself) "How long has it been, since I last laughed like this? How long has it been, since I met an opponent who makes my heart race like this? How long has it been, since my heart beat so hard from being suprised, at seeing something new like this?"[16]
  • (Thinking about Baam) "It's truly incredible. Everything about that kid, is new.. It's as if he's telling me, to start another adventure."[16]
  • (To Baam) "I want to show you to the me on the outside. You have to meet the outside me. It may be hard right now, but if you grow more.. You may even be able to give the me on the outside a new experience too. So I'll let you go."[3]
  • (Giving mysterious ring to Baam) "Little monster! Take this. From what I've heard, this is a 'key' containing the power to defeat the outside Zahard. Use this to unlock that power. Let the me on the outside taste the thrill of adventure once more.."[3]
  • (Talking about Baam to himself) "Go! Leave this place, meet the real me on the outside and ask him for me. 'What made you all change like that?' What on earth has really happened?"[17]


Notes & Trivia

  • Bero-bero refer Data Zahard as vicious.
  • He called Baam as 'little monster'.



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