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Zahard's Royal Guards (자하드 왕실 직속 근위대, Jahad Wangsil Jigsog Geunwidae) are an organisation that serves Zahard. It is led by its captain, Adori Zahard.


The Royal Guards are an organisation made up of Rankers who serve under Zahard and are assumed to guard and protect any important places or people who are affiliated or belong to the Zahard Family, such as the Princesses. According to the rules, if a person of higher rank gives them an order they are not allowed to refuse.[2]

The guards are assumed to be relatively powerful and fairly intelligent, at least Ranker level as Pedro was said to be good enough to join the Royal Guards by Yuri Zahard [3] . Although the average member is probably nowhere near the level of a High Ranker, seeing as the Princess Yuri Zahard was able to defeat a group of them without much trouble.[2] They are special in that, like the main Arie Family members, the Royal Guards are taught how to use the Arie Family's special sword techniques.[4]


The weapons used by the guards

In their most recent appearance, the guards' uniform was composed of a silver metallic body armour underneath a dark-coloured coat and silver-grey helmets (which are seemingly connected to the body armour) with the Zahard symbol incorporated into it. They wielded needles and/or swords, although it is unknown if they are the only weapons the guards use.

Notes and Trivia

The "guards" at Repellista's palace

  • It is unknown if the "guards" seen in Repellista's palace are part of the group or are simply ceremonial guards.
  • It's likely the Royal Guards enjoy a certain status as their captain has a very high ranking and status, even though she is rarely active and leaves her duties to others.
  • It has been mentioned that the Royal Guards and Royal Guides have the greatest loyalty towards Zahard out of all the factions or groups within the hierarchy of the Zahard Empire.[5]



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