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And for this reason, they are frequently referred to thus: 'Shoes displayed in the King's showcase'. Although very beautiful, nobody can take them out to wear.

Androssi Zahard describing the Zahard's Princesses

The Princesses (공주, 公主, gongjoo) of Zahard (자하드, "Jahad") are a group of elite females chosen to serve Zahard, as the obligation for receiving his power. Considered as the "ultimate species" in the Tower, a Princess is chosen every several hundred years.[1] "They are an existence which, at times, serves as a sword to defend the authority of the King and at other times, is worshipped by the citizens of the Tower".[2][3]

Being recognised as a Princess is an honourable and almost impossible achievement and there are many candidates vying for the position.


As everyone in the Tower is considered a son or daughter of Zahard, a Princess is likely a chosen daughter of Zahard and she calls the King "Father".[4] They are selected from the 10 Great Families or elsewhere, making them "adopted children" and thus part of the Zahard Family. After selection, the Princesses are imbued with Zahard's power through a special procedure[3][2] which involves injecting Zahard's "blood".[5] However, there is not a single Princess that actually has Zahard's blood.[2][3] Zahard has the possibility to "control" them.[6] Indeed, it is shown that Data Zahard was able to render Androssi and Data Maschenny motionless with his sheer presence.

The only exception is Anak Zahard, who is an indirect descendant of Zahard. Because of this, she is not officially recognised by Zahard nor the Zahard Family since she was born from the real Anak Zahard and a palace cook. As a result, she is thus considered "the shame of Zahard" and several groups on the Tower such as RED and the Lo Po Bia Family seeks her execution.[7][8]


The standards of being nominated as a Princess of Zahard include power, resourcefulness and appearance. But the most important factor evaluated is if the girl is capable of properly receiving his power.[3] The most outstanding children are then granted Zahard's power through a special method,[2] further enhancing their combat and other skills.[3] Hence, Princesses of Zahard are physically stronger than most members of the 10 Families; furthermore, Regular Princesses are more "durable" than an average Ranker.[9] Baam noted that it was hard for him to keep up the pace with Androssi without using Shinsu.[10]

Princesses chosen among the 10 Families can have physical capabilities that exceed Rankers while still being Regulars.[11] They also tend to be entitled.[12]

13 Month Series

Main article: 13 Month Series

A Princess who has climbed the Tower and become a Ranker, might be chosen to become a wielder of the 13 Month Series and be called a "chosen Princess". Only a "chosen Princess" is eligible to receive a 13 Month Series, as she has proven her ability by climbing the Tower.[1]

The 13 Month Series is a symbolic series consisting of twelve Ignition Weapons and 1 Arms Inventory. It is bestowed by Zahard to a chosen Princess. The chances of receiving a 13 Month Series are very slim and Ha Yuri Zahard was the only one out of all the chosen Princesses in the last 500 years bestowed with Black March, one of the Month Series.[13]

Only a Princess who climbed the Tower may receive a 13 Month Series,[1] provided she accepts it.


Due to the Power of Blood, no woman could bear Zahard's children. So Po Bidau Gustang suggested the idea of injecting Zahard's blood inside women, making them climb the Tower and compete, so that the best of them would become the King's bride.[14]

Associated Symbol

Closeup of Yuri Zahard's tie

Princesses are permitted to wear an object which displays Zahard's three-eyed symbol, signifying their status as a Zahard's Princess. For example Yuri Zahard's tie and Androssi Zahard's hair pin both possess the three-eyed symbol.[4]

Rules governing the Princesses

The Princesses are governed by a set of rules. So far:

  1. They must not have a relationship with a man.
  2. They must not marry.
  3. They may not have a child.
  4. They must not help an enemy of the Empire.[15]
  5. They may not enter the Floor of Death.[16]

The first three rules are to prevent Zahard's power from being spread. [2] Breaking any of these rules may result in execution. Furthermore, princesses who've been selected to receive a 13 Month Series are bound by an additional set of rules upon accepting it.

Known Princesses

There have been a total of 28 confirmed Princesses, although several have gone missing.[3]

13 Month Princess

Ranker Princess

Regular Princess

Non-Regular Princess

Princesses Candidates

Notes and Trivia

  • Fights between Princesses who carry one of the 13 Month Series is never regarded as a problem, even when they kill each other.[17]
  • Zahard's Princesses are very closely connected to the whole Tower of God storyline.[18]
  • Any Princess who becomes a Ranker is entitled to a Guide thanks to contract of the Zahard Family.[19]
  • It is common to see a Princess who has the blood of one of the 10 Great Families and the power of Zahard to have basic physical capabilities that exceed those of a Ranker. A notable case is Yuri Zahard (the Ha Family is known to have strong bodies).[20]
  • A Princess who is a direct descendent of one of the 10 Great Family Heads is especially influential and powerful. Being a Princess of Zahard is an incredible position, and if a Princess is from one of the 10 Great Families, she will become the central power of that Family in the future, so this is even more incredible.[21]
  • As for Princesses from the 10 Great Families, they have clear hierarchical relationships and don't even treat Regulars as human beings if they're not from the 10 Great Families. [21]
  • SIU had also prepared a Zahard's Princess arc. However, it might run a little later than expected.[22]
  • Ultimately, Zahard's Princesses is a competitive system. It's difficult just to get chosen alone. But afterward, they have to survive in a competition against other Princesses."[23]
  • There have been more cases of Princesses from a normal families getting killed unnoticed. Since a Princess from a normal family becoming a Ranker means that a new power will soon be born, there are tons of people who will try to get rid of them because they don't want to see that happen.[24]
  • The first generation Zahard's Princesses were consumed by the evil magic of the 13 Months and ended up hating and killing one another. It was later revealed that all of this incident was also a tragedy manipulated by Zahard himself behind the scenes.[14]
  • The reason that Zahard created the Princesses system was actually to wipe out people's immediate complaint.[14]



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