Zahard's Princess (자하드의 공주) is the eighth arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Androssi orders food from the counter and listens to Hatsu’s failure to get friends on his list. Baam (jokingly?) attempts to set the two up, but Androssi reveals that Zahard's Princesses aren’t allowed to marry or have children.

In the Fisherman training area, the Fishermen face off on multiple tall cylindrical blocks and have to knock each other off. Androssi doesn’t expect anyone to attack, since most of them can’t jump such a distance, but Anak jumps over to Androssi and they fight. Androssi easily avoids Anak, even making her push all the other Regulars off their pillars.

Meanwhile, Khun practices with his Lighthouse when he realizes something strange about Anak: only a Ranker could have Green April. He does some searches and realizes that Anak Zahard is dead.

Zahard's Princesses

Back in the testing arena, Anak gives up trying to defeat Androssi with her needle and strengthens her body with shinsu, gaining enough speed to catch up with Androssi. But Androssi evades her and throws her down onto the pillar. She then goes on to say that she knows that Anak is really Anak Zahard’s daughter: her “one and only niece in the Tower”.

Androssi asks Anak why her mother chose poverty and inevitable death over the prestige of a princess and Anak has a flashback. She and her parents lived in a small house in a grassy field and her mother had come back from an argument with her father. She asks why her mother married and received the response that it was the chicken pie her father made. Back in the present, Anak reveals her intentions to Androssi: to kill everyone possessing the Zahard name and dashes towards Androssi, trying to sweep her legs out from under her. Androssi jumps up, but her high heels can’t take the pressure and they break, giving Anak the opening she needed to push Androssi off. Unfortunately, Androssi grabs onto Anak and takes both of them down.

Anak rushing towards Androssi

Lying at the bottom of the testing arena, Androssi asks if Anak’s mother ever regretted marrying. Anak has another flashback to when her mother died and she gave her the gemstone she found earlier. She was then taken away by someone with a semblance to Evan Edrok.

A day later, Baam is practising shinsu manipulation when Khun informs him that Androssi and Anak might be disqualified. Baam wants to help, but Khun tells him that in order to climb up, he’ll have to fail people as well. This dilemma saddens Baam, but he perks up when Khun says there’s a way to help Androssi. Using food Baam manipulates Androssi into becoming a friend, though the food ultimately falls and splatters both of them.

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  • The fight between Anak and Androssi demonstrated the difference in strength between the two.


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