Zahard's Army (자하드의 군대, Jahadeuui Gundae), also known as Zahard's Forces was the army service branch of the Zahard Empire military. They were created to serves and fight for King Zahard and his Empire.

King Zahard's Army contains the largest amount of High Rankers, Rankers, and even Regulars which easily makes it the biggest and most dominant army in the entire Tower. The army has never failed in any operation carried out directly by a Squadron Commander.[2] They also have the power to avoid rules if necessary to complete their operation with the Floor Guardian's permission.[3] Because the army has never failed in any given mission, the consequence and punishment are currently unknown. Some members of the army were worried about the consequence which possibly includes execution for failure.[4]


Battle of The Last Station

Corps Commander Kallavan and his 4th Army Corp were ordered to either capture and kill everyone on board the Hell Express as the mission's primary objective. However, it was only a cover, because the real objective was to kill the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. It was carried in secret so they can cover up the news later. In the end, after the 4th Army Corp failed to kill Baam, Kallavan's rank as the commander of the 4th Army Corp was stripped down to the rank of a normal soldier. He also received punishment with one of his hands was bound with a seal.[5]

Infiltration on the First Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Dowon)

Former Corps Commander Kallavan was ordered to wake up the sleeping ancient war hero Dowon who was sealed since the Age of Genesis, to either persuade her to join Zahard's side or kill her if she showed any resistance as his mission's primary objective. Kallavan was sent alone on this mission for the sake of efficiency because his power alone is equal to the power of an entire army corps. It's also one of his extra punishment for the failure to kill the irregular Baam on the Last Station. Kallavan succeeds to infiltrate the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence where Dowon was sealed by disguised himself as jobless ranker who want to work at the wall. In the end, Dowon decided to join Kallavan so that Baam can escape from him. The HQ then contacted Kallavan to congratulate him because he managed to finish this mission with a success. Kallavan then receives a new mission to gather at The Nest.

Battle of The Second Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

Corps Commander Lo Po Bia Yasratcha and his 5th Army Corp were ordered to wake up the sleeping ancient war hero Cha who was sealed since the Age of Genesis, to either persuade him to join Zahard's side or kill him if she showed any resistance as their mission's primary objective. However, Yasratcha, in the end, didn't succeed to complete his primary mission because Cha confronted him from a long-range distance, while he was busy fighting in close range combat with Baylord Yama in his Full Transformation. Before he retreated upon the orders of HQ, Yasratcha killed the entire half of the Canines species with the power of his mind control. So although he didn't finish the primary objective, the mission is still considered a big success.

Battle of The Nest

After Kallavan succeeded to confront Dowon and make her join Zahard's side, the 4th Army Corp was seen to have arrived at The Nest to defend The Frozen Waterfall. They were stationed on the first defensive walls of The Nest. Yasratcha and his 5th Army Corp also were seen in The Nest. They were stationed on the second defensive walls of The Nest.


Administrative Section





The leader of the combined armed forces, this position in real life is usually held by the leader of each respective country, like the President of South Korea. This role is usually more administrative and works together with the Minister of National defense to organize and direct the armies.

Minister of National defense

The Minister of National defense is head of the administrative section of the military, with his role being to direct the Armies under the command of the Commander-in-Chief.

Rank Structure

Commanders of Army Units

Command structure used by SIU to describe Commander's rank, with the equivalent Army Ranks besides them.

  • Army Commander (육군장) - OF9-OF10
  • Corps Commander (군단장) - OF8/OF9
  • Vice Corps Commander (부군단장) - OF8/OF9
  • Division Commander (사단장) - OF7/OF8
  • Vice Division Commander (부사단장) - OF7/OF8
  • Brigade Commander (여단장) OF5/OF6/OF7
  • Regimental Commander (연대장) - OF5
  • Battalion Commander (대대장) - OF4
  • Company Commander (중대장) - OF2/OF3
  • Platoon Commander (소대장) - OF1
  • Squad Commander (분대장) - OR5+

General Officers

Officers in non-commander roles have ranks according the Korean Army standards.

Korean Army OF Ranks

  • OF10 - Marshal (원수)
  • OF9 - General (대장)
  • OF8 - Lieutenant general (중장)
  • OF7 - Major general (소장)
  • OF6 - Brigadier general (준장)
  • OF5 - Colonel (대령)
  • OF4 - Lieutenant colonel (중령) - (Unnamed Officer holds this position.)
  • OF3 - Major (소령)
  • OF2 - Captain (대위)
  • OF1 - Lieutenant (중위)
  • OF1 - Junior lieutenant (소위)

Other Ranks

Ordinary soldier (non-officer) ranks are also in accordance with Korean Army standards.

Korean Army OR Ranks

  • OR9 - Sergeant major (원사)
  • OR8 - Master sergeant (상사)
  • OR7 - Sergeant first class (중사)
  • OR6 - Staff sergeant (Sergeant junior grade) (하사) - (Kallavan briefly held this position.)
  • OR5 - Sergeant (Master private) (병장)
  • OR4 - Corporal (Senior private) (상등병)
  • OR3 - Private first class (일등병)
  • OR2 - Private (Second class) (이등병)
  • OR1 - No equivalent


Floating Ships

Main article: Category:Individual Zahard's Army Suspendships

Notable Warships: Kallavan Warship and Aquila



Main article: Category:Zahard's Army


The Army

Zahard's Army currently has 5 known corps, and each of them has multiple divisions. So far only the 4th Army Corp and 5th Army Corp have been revealed. Currently, both Army Corps is stationed at each wall that surrounded The Nest to guard The Frozen Waterfall.




Image Gallery

Real life Inspiration

Zahard's Army is largely inspired from the Republic of Korea Army. Despite SIU's background in the Navy and the army using floating ships, SIU uses terminology associated with the army, not the navy or air force, marking it distinctively as a land army.

SIU has for a long time avoided uses real life ranks for the army, choosing to use the more descriptive job title of "X commander", but that changed in Part III, where SIU for the first time described people as having certain ranks. First was Kallavan, who was described as a Staff Sargent during his time being demoted and an unnamed female officer was introduced as a Lieutenant Colonel. Both of these characters seem to be in non-commander roles, which may be the reason why SIU chose to introduce them with ordinary ranks. It is unknown whether the "Commanders" also hold a proper rank inside the hierarchy, but with the confirmation that these ranks do exist in Zahard's Army, they most likely do have a rank in addition to their title of "Commander". However, combat is a lot different in Tower of God compared to real life, so how much is translated directly from the Korean Army to Zahard's Army is unknown.

Notes and Trivia

  • When Zahard or a Princess with a 13 Month Series appears on the battlefield, all members of the Zahard’s Army has to kneel before them with no exception. No matter what’s going on, they must get down on their knees. It’s because they have faith in Zahard or the Zahard Princess that they will protect them even if something goes wrong. That’s how much the Zahard Princess means to the Zahard’s army.[6]

Alternate Translation

  • Zahard's Army (Line Webtoon)
  • Zahard's Forces (Line Webtoon)



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