Yuram Zahard (유람 자하드, Yoorahm Jahad, "Yuram Zahard") is a deceased Princess of Zahard and the former owner of the Indigo July. She was murdered by Garam Zahard, who took her weapon.


She was chosen to become a Princess long ago and eventually bestowed with the Indigo July in recognition of her abilities. Her younger twin sister, Garam Zahard, was also chosen and given a 13 Month Series. Eventually, Yuram obtained a second 13 Month Series.

One day she was sent on a mission and faced a strong opponent, and the confrontation forced her to ignite both of her 13 Month Series. According to the contract between Zahard and the Ghost that inhabited those weapons, Yuram was possessed and went on a rampage.[1] The result was the death of some of her allies, including another Princess of Zahard. Her little twin sister Garam was then faced with a difficult choice: Either kill her own sister and keep their birth Family safe from retaliations, or let Yuram live at the risk of their Family being branded as public enemies. Garam was forced to choose the former and took the Indigo July with her.

Notes and Trivia

  • Since they were twins, Yuram and Garam shared generation names (same character in their given name, its placement switches depending on the odd or even generation): 유람 (Yuram) and 가람 (Garam).[2]
  • Her death occurred before the "Enne Zahard Incident".


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