"You're a bird, Hockney. You're not a bug that crawls around underground like me. So go outside and fly. That is your "Destiny""[1]

Yuliu Mata (율리우 마타다, Yulliu Matada) is a native and inhabitant of the Floor of Death[2] and his purpose is to keep an eye on intruders.[3] He is acquainted with David Hockney.

Appearance and Personality

He wears glasses, a headband and uses a white sheet as a cloak; he has a slightly tanned complexion and is fairly muscular. He has hairy armpits that can apparently speak.[3]

Mata seems jovial enough, casually greeting Hockney after seeing him for the first time in a long while.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Suddenly appearing inside his host, Manyleg, Mata encountered Hockney and an unconscious Baam with surprise. Greeting Hockney and noting that he had returned to the 43rd Floor, Mata was shocked when Hockney revealed that he planned on going to South City to get back the last piece of his soul. Just then, the gatekeeper arrived and, with Hockney using his special eyes to predict the gatekeeper orb's movements, Manyleg smashed it to pieces enabling them to move on. Coming up to the final gatekeeper and stating his name and purpose, Mata got ready to sneak Hockney and Baam inside the Floor of Death with him. Later, his memory was erased along with the rest of the inhabitants of the Floor of Death.

Powers and Abilities

As a parasite, he controls larger hosts using a Blue Orb. He currently wields a large behemoth of a host which he calls "Manyleg", due to its numerous legs.

Manyleg (다족이, Dajog-e): It is a centipede-like creature with the body of a very muscular humanoid on its front. The humanoid portion has a helmet-like additions over its face, two pairs of red horns, with the outer horns being much larger and longer than the inner horns, blonde hair tied into a long braided ponytail and distinct red irises with black concentric circles in them. Manyleg powerfully wields a huge hammer that crackles with electricity and is supposedly quite fast.[3]


  • (To David Hockney) "When I went on a journey to bring you to the outside.. I once thought that perhaps I wanted to leave too. But when I actually think of outside. I'm scared, you know. I just deluded myself for a little while as I saw you dreaming of freedom."[1]
  • (To Hockney) "You're different from a certain idiot here. You have no intention of going out and conquering anyone, or burying others for the sake of your own dream. You simply wanted to fly in a larger space. That's all."[1]

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