Toxic Waste Human Yukan[1] (폐기물 인간 유칸, Pyegimul Ingan Yukan) is a D-rank Regular, one of Ten Bosses and a subordinate of Kaiser at the Name Hunt station.

Appearance and Personality

Currently unknown.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Due to Jyu Viole Grace's attempt to uproot the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser issued to the remaining Ten Bosses to "absolutely not fall for the enemy's provocation, and to keep themselves completely hidden until the festival is finished as Kaiser would deal personally against Jyu Viole Grace". Upon hearing Kaiser orders, Yukan complained about Kaiser's orders to remain hidden.

Powers and Abilities

While Yukan's abilities are mostly unknown, it can be inferred he is relatively powerful for a D-rank Regular, being one of the stronger Regulars among the Ten Bosses. Yukan claimed to be the strongest of the Ten Bosses before the arrival of Arie Inieta, but started to hide afterwards.

Yukan's primary ability is that of a Waste Man. This ability allows him to eat the station's waste and convert it into an acid that he can shoot out of the metallic hoses attached to his back. This acid is said to be strong enough to destroy most defences and completely melt Yukan's victims. [2]

According to SIU the Waste Human doesn't spit just waste but spits it through Shinsoo. As the entire tower is filled with Shinsoo so it is everywhere but the author states there is a difference between natural Shinsoo and man-controlled Shinsoo, further explaining there are many cases where one uses their organs to change the nature of their Shinsoo for tactical use. Despite being lost against the Slayer Candidate SIU admits Yukan is strong among the D-class.[3]


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