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But sometimes, because they conceal themselves, they actually appear smaller than they are.

—Yu Han Sung to Lo Po Bia Ren[4]

Yu Han Sung (유한성, Yoo Hahnseong; or "Yu Han-Sung") is a Top Ranker and the Test Director of the Second Floor. Despite his feminine looks, he is actually a male[5]. He has a pretty big reputation as a ranker because he rejected to be a High Ranker[6]. He is well-known as a genius Wave Controller as stated by Lo Po Bia Ren, a Zahard's RED Assassin Unit.[1] He is a key member of FUG in taking Viole to the top and the main antagonist of Part I. He plays an important role as character because he is close with the main story of Tower of God.[7]



In the past, Yu Han Sung was about to be killed by Evankhell, but before that, Evankhell asked, "What are you afraid of?" as she was curious as why he wasn't scared when his life was in danger, and then Yu Han Sung responded back saying that he never thought he would live forever, saying he is not scared of dying, however, his only fear is having his rage/goal fading away, to be able to change the tower. Evankhell in response also said she is afraid of that too and asked what Yu Hansung is trying to achieve, with him responding, "I want to usher in a new era in this tower".[8]

Appearance and Personality

Yu Han Sung is portrayed as a man with long blonde hair and quite feminine or, rather, androgynous features. He always wears a hanbok, usually blue and yellow.

Yu Han Sung has been seen as an extremely intelligent and perceptive individual. He is addicted to instant food, which is the cause of many jokes directed at him. Behind this simple outer shell, lies the deadly "Submerged Fish" who destroys those who may pose a threat to the Tower.

Cookoo for coffee

Also, he probably recognised and admired Koon Aguero Agnis' talents but relished the thought of crushing him[9] as he likely couldn't tolerate the existence of another "genius", due to his own pride and ego.

Despite his abilities that could easily grant him a better job on higher Floors of the Tower, Yu Han Sung remains as the 2nd Floor Test Director to fulfill FUG's goals. He claims that one must "weed out those who will bring harm to The Tower".[4] However, he is recognised for his strength which Lo Po Bia Ren stated "impressed even the Vice Commander".[4]

Yu Han Sung has been described as a chairman by SIU.[10] As in: he makes people "fight each other for his advantage".

Tower of God: Part 1

Yu Han Sung's Examination

Yu Han Sung was one of the Rankers proctoring the tests on the Second Floor. He directly proctored the Door Test and observed the groups of Regulars as they attempted to pass it. When Koon's team passed the test, he noticed that Koon was hiding Regulars inside his bag and subtly hinted to Koon that he knew. When all the Regulars had taken the test, Yu Han Sung discussed some of the Regulars' methods of passing with his test assistants.

Crown Game

After Quant informed him that only three Regulars had passed the "Deathmatch" Test and also that an Irregular and Zahard's Princess were in the group, Yu Han Sung was left in a serious predicament. If Evankhell found out, there would be severe repercussions for the both of them. However, Yu Han Sung thought up a plan to deal with the problem: the Crown Game.


Later, Yu Han Sung discussed the results of the Crown Game with Lero-Ro. He stated, that the Floor of Test was to filter dangerous individuals before they could enter the Tower.


Later, Yu Han Sung observed the Hide-and-Seek Test with Lero-Ro. He is in charge of grading the overall team. He talks to Lero-Ro about Koon's performance, cryptically noting that Regulars would have to drop off "excess weight", signifying their comrades, as they climbed higher and higher up the Tower. He also reveals his cruel side, as he states that he wanted to destroy Koon due to his multi-faceted personality.

Submerged Fish

During the wait until it was time to announce the results, Rak bumped into Yu Han Sung, disrespected him, and was subsequently compressed to a small size.

Before announcing the results of the Position Test, he tracked down Ren and engaged him briefly, before stating that their goals were the same and that there was no reason for them to fight. He revealed his power to Ren as the "Submerged Fish" of the Second Floor.

Last Examination

Following the announcement of the results of the Position Test, Mauchi got angry at the Rankers overseeing the tests. After being called down to discuss why he thought the results were wrong, Yu Han Sung snapped his bones with Shinsoo. Koon then also disagreed with the results and came down and said that he wished to get a test from the Guardian, to which Yu Han Sung replied that he was insane and that to get such a test one would need to be an Irregular. When Baam revealed that he was an Irregular, Yu Han Sung allowed him to see the Guardian. Afterwards, he told Baam that he had been trying to destroy him all along.

During the Submerged Fish Hunt Test, after Evan Edrok and Kurudan burst into his quarters, Yu Han Sung revealed to them that everything had been planned by the Guardian and that the seemingly unusual events were part of the test.

Epilogue - Rachel

His connections with Rachel, Headon, Hwa Ryun and Akryung were revealed.

Later on, Yu Han Sung gave the passing Regulars special rings as a graduation gift before they ascended to the next Floor. After they had gone up, Lero-Ro quit his position as a Test Admin causing Yu Han Sung to fire Quant too as he considered them a "Set Menu". He was finally seen communicating with someone else via his Pocket assuring them that the Zahard Family would think Baam was dead.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

20F – Epilogue

He was contacted by the 20th Floor director, Augusgus, who referred to him as the "Submerged Fish".

Extra Floor

In a flashback set three days after Baam's presumed 'death', it was revealed that the rings given to the Regulars were custom-made with tracking devices. As he handed over Baam's friend list as he stated, "Starting from today we will start your training to become a Slayer. For each and every-time you show a shred of weakness we'll kill one of your friends. You will know how many survived, once you've climbed The Tower... Jyu Viole Grace-nim".

Workshop Battle – Epilogue

Poken informs Karaka that the "Submerged Fish" replied to their query and provided them with the location of Jyu Viole Grace.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor

After saving Baam and Androssi Zahard from suddenly being crushed in the quarantine area, a data version of younger Yu Han Sung commented that his long wait had finally "paid off". When Baam and Androssi woke up, he introduced himself as the data of Yu Han Sung as a Regular. When questioned, Han Sung cryptically remarked that he knew the two of them would arrive at the quarantine area. While guiding Baam and Androssi out of the quarantine area, the group was attacked by Baam's nemesis. In the ensuing fight, Han Sung attempted to crush Baam's nemesis to death using a suspended trap however, much to his surprise, Baam saved his nemesis instead. The fight continued, but was quickly interrupted by the appearance of a giant soldier patrolling the quarantine area. Androssi teleported Han Sung and the rest of the group away using Bong Bong. Baam's nemesis was then tranquillised by Batis, a data human that Han Sung allied with.

The group moved into the seed, a shelter within the quarantine area. Here, Han Sung explained that the group had to escape the Fruit of Good and Evil before the heroes outside cleared the stage, or else they would be trapped until another group of heroes arrived. He then explained that the people trapped within the fruit had already died several times trying to escape. The prisoners managed to find an exit, however, they were never able to get through the final door. Han Sung then said that Baam would be able to break through the door. To this, Baam said that they should leave immediately, as his teammates outside would be able to clear the first stage very quickly. Han Sung agreed, however at this moment, Baam's nemesis awakened and the giant soldier attacked the seed. After Baam defeated his nemesis, Han Sung revealed that he had planted bombs throughout the seed. The prisoners escaped the seed and Han Sung detonated the bombs. When Baam showed hesitation due to the 'death' of his nemesis, Han Sung explained that the Big Breeders, responsible for trapping the prisoners within the fruit, were the henchman of young data-Zahard and that they ensured nobody who arrived at the Hidden Floor could find him.

While progressing towards the exit, the fruit was shaken as the Big Breeder arrived to present the grand quest. Batis suggested that he, Han Sung, Baam and Androssi should take the shortcut and escape so that they could stop Big Breeder in time. Han Sung explained that there was a more dangerous path, but if they didn't hurry, everyone in the fruit would die. By making holes through the fruit's tunnels, Han Sung created a shortcut leading through the fruit's shelters and straight to the exit. After finally arriving at the exit, Baam successfully broke open the door. With this, and while looking at Baam, Han Sung mentally noted, "I knew it. This is the guy! V...". Having escaped the fruit, the group begins to move towards Big Breeder. However, the demon holding the fruit awakened and attacked the group. Realising that he needed to attack the main body, Baam asked Han Sung to amplify his shinsoo. Through a combination of Baam's attack and Han Sung's amplification, the demon was annihilated and the group managed to arrive at Big Breeder's location. Han Sung then told Baam to go through the door behind Big Breeder, as the real Big Breeder was hiding behind it.

Three Orders

Yu Hansung was visited by Zahard's Army. The messanger Red Brubya tells him to listen to the commands of King Zahard and says he is going to be executed for hiding the identity of an irregular and manipulating information saying the irregular is dead. He then drinks his coffee saying it is his last cup but was interrupted by Evankhell saying "Who says it's the 'last'?" while she destroys an entire warship. Yu Han Sung was delighted to see Evankhell after her long trip. Multiple Rankers came out and said they are Kallavan's servant. Yu Han Sung immediately recognised the name, calling him the 'Human Collector' and wondered if he actually joined Zahard's Army. After the fights between Evankhell and Kallavan's Servants, the Guardian appeared saying they are disturbing his sleep and the guardian shoots a laser beam looking as it would have killed them but actually teleporting them to another dimension.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Yu Hansung and Evankhell later arrived at their destination. Death Bird, a servant of Karaka, came to see the visitors and was relieved to see Yu Hansung. Since the Second Floor Guardian sent them there, there must be a reason to be there. Then a warp gate opens, and they saw Karaka was in trouble so Yu Hansung, Evankhell, and Karaka's Servant went together to the Last Station


When they arrived, Yu Han Sung told Evankhell to not use too much power or else the floor guardian will get involved, and that he'll go save the regulars. Yu Hansung easily got past Dorian Frog and destroyed Phonsekal Drak's lighthouse, with Drak questioning if he was a High Ranker. He then encounters Ha Cheonhee, and attacked her, but she easily blocked his attack. Yu Hansung was outclassed by Ha Cheonhee, and almost got killed by her if Yuri did not secretly help with an unknown ability that was also used to capture Karaka. Yu Hansung witnessed Baam's growth when he foddered the C-Class Regulars and say he is worth fight 'them'. A huge shock was felt by Hansung and everyone around the Last Station, and they saw Evankhell on a rampage, easily defeating High Rankers.



New Wave


Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Yama


Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart


Powers and Abilities

[11]Yu Han Sung is a powerful Ranker of FUG and apparently a genius Wave Controller. An example of his strength is his ability to easily summon and control an enormous fish close to the size of a White Steel Eel. It can be considered that he was an incredibly powerful genius when he climbed the Tower. Ren stated that Yu Han Sung possessed power that even shocked RED's Vice Commander.[4] He is the standard of a High Ranker's strength. When Yu Han Sung said he didn't want to fight Ren, it wasn't him being afraid of Ren's power, but rather the political consequences of battling against a RED member.

Bubble 3

Hansung transports Aguero Agnis in a bubble

Shinsoo Manipulation: He is a master of Shinsoo manipulation, mostly known for his position as a Wave Controller. He was also able to sense that Koon had extra Regulars hidden in his bag, after he passed the Door Test.[12]

  • Shinsoo Bubble: Yu Han Sung is able to create a Shinsoo Bubble in order transport people or move things.[13] [14]

Yu Han Sung Style: Yu Han Sung developed his own Shinsoo control style. 

Submerged Fish


Anima: His favourite animal to control as an Anima, is a gigantic fish he nicknamed "Submerged Fish".

Wonsulsa: It is unknown if he is a legitimate Wonsul user, or whether he learnt Wonsul naturally.

Dansulsa: He is apparently a Dansul user.


  • (To Koon Aguero Agnis after the Door Test) "Your bag seems very heavy."[12]
  • (About Koon Aguero Agnis) "He's such brilliant boy. That pride, courage, talent, cunningness and arrogance. I just want to break him into pieces."[17]
  • (To Rak Wraithraiser after compressing his form) "Huh? I'm sorry. I couldn't see you because you were too small. Oh my. Sorry. Too small. One moment. Just one more spin..."[18]
  • (To Lero-Ro) "We say we are testing their talent, to see if they are worthy. But the real purpose is to keep the Tower from chaos. In other words, this is the seawall to prevent the tsunami, that can shake the Tower."[19]
  • (To Lo Po Bia Ren while fighting him) "They really can be like that. But sometimes they look smaller, once they are exposed."[20]
  • (To Lo Po Bia Ren) "I'm telling you that I will help you achieve your goals. This is Evankhell's hell where we sort out the dangerous from the Tower. And I am the Deep-Sea fish lying in wait to gobble them up."[21]
  • (Talking to himself) "Soon a tsunami will shake this Tower. And it will start right here."[22]
  • (To Evan Edrok) "Shouldn't Zahard pick up the garbage that they dropped along the way?"[23]
  • (To Rachel) "I've received word from Headon-nim. Miss Michelle Light. It must've been tiring to complete the first test. Ah, perhaps it wasn't too difficult. Since you were with a person Headon-nim prepared..."[24]
  • (To Rachel) "Miss Michelle, you need not worry about anything. The teammates you'll need, the rights, and strength, I will steal all of it for you."[24]
  • (Talking to himself while drinking a cup of coffee) "The death penalty? Too bad. I wanted to try a lot more coffees. I guess this is my last cup."[25]
  • (To Ha Cheonhee) "Let the Regulars go right now!! Only I, the head of the floor of test, am allowed to torment Regulars!!"[26]
  • (To Baam after watching him beating many of C-rank Regulars) "Well, I guess now you might finally be worth fighting them."[27]
  • (To Baam) "Jinsung Ha wanted to turn you into more than just a slayer. If you understand what he was after, no matter how strong your enemies are, don't lose your own sense or self. That's the only way to shine in the darkness that is FUG."[28]

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite his feminine looks, he is actually a male or guy. SIU confirmed it himself in his Q&A with fans at NAVER fancafe in 2010.[5]
  • Yu Hang Sung is an important character in whole story of Tower of God. Even though he is not appearing often, he is close to important main stuff.[7]
  • According to author SIU himself, Yu Han Sung is deeply connected to Hendo Lok Bloodmadder.[29]
  • SIU stated in his Q&A 2010, that Yu Han Sung is very close to being a High Ranker[5], which means that would makes him to be in Top-Ranker category. This was later emphasized in his encounter with Lo Po Bia Ren. According to Ren, Yu Han Sung rejected High Ranker's position by coming to Evankhell's Floor.[6]
  • SIU also stated if Yu Han Sung didn't mess around on Evankhell's Floor, his rank would have been similar to Ha Yuri Zahard, which is a top 500 High Ranker.[30] This statement might explained Yu Han Sung's action of rejecting High Ranker position; he was avoiding to be promoted as High Ranker by playing and messing around.
  • He is capable of doing all Positions.[5]
  • Yu-Han in Korean means finite. Sung is a suffix that means having a characteristics of. So in combination, it hints that Yu Han Sung life is finite. Which actually makes sense, given his connection to Hendo Lok Bloodmadder.
  • Rak referred to Yu Han Sung first as "Golden Turtle" and later as "Coffee Addict Turtle".
  • He is the endorser of the Maxim coffee brand as seen in a vending machine.[18]
  • It is yet unknown how Han Sung obtained knowledge on V whilst still a D-rank Regular.
  • According to SIU, he just loves every instant foods.


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