Yu Bok-Dol (유복돌) is a Ranker. He is the Position Instructor for the Spear Bearers on the Second Floor and therefore one of the judges during the Hide-and-Seek test as well as the judge for the Spear Bearers during the Position Test.

Appearance and Personality

Yu Bok-Dol is a relatively tall man with sandy-coloured hair and lightly tanned skin. He wears a white jacket over a long-sleeved black top and black trousers. He finishes his outfit with white boots.

He shows favouritism towards his various students, evidently shown by his strong disappointment in Parakewl and Mauchi. He also doesn't like the style of guys like Koon, who are cool and calculating, saying that guys should be more powerful and fight.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 1

Position Test

He was introduced as the instructor of the Spear Bearers and issued his Spear Bearer Regulars a challenge: if they could throw their spears and hit the far off target in four days, they would automatically pass the Position Test.


During Team A's turn in the Hide-and-Seek test, he drew disagreement with Hax's comment on Koon being her type by saying that he didn't like Koon's style adding that guys should be more powerful. He then asked Yu Han Sung where Koon got all his tools from and the Director mentioned that Koon had stolen items from his dad's warehouse, causing the instructors (including Yu Bok-Dol) to begin discussing what could be inside.
He then later helped choose scores for Team A, noting that the Spear Bearers didn't do much. When it was Team B's turn to take the test, Yu Bok-Dol wasn't very enthusiastic about them saying that the Spear Bearers weren't great.

Last Examination

He stood with the rest of the instructors as the results for the passing Regulars of the Position Test were announced.

Alternate Translations

  • Yoo Bokdol


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