Yolker (율커, Yulkeo) is a High Ranker and a Second Tier Servant of High Ranker Kallavan in the 4th Army corp of the Zahard's Army.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Yolker has pale skin and long silverish grey hair. He has tattoos on his forehead, neck and upper body. On his left arm is tattooed the word Resistance and on the right arm is Destiny. Yolker wears a graphite tank top and dark red trousers.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Three Orders

Yolker was sent by his commander Kallavan, alongside another High Ranker and an additional 30 Rankers, to the 2nd Floor to deal with Yu Han Sung. They accompanied Red Brubya, the Messenger of the Zahard Family, who was delivering orders from the King. Yolker intervened when Evankhell used a strong attack against Tinker Yolche.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being a High Ranker, Yolker did not intend to face Evankhell by himself. Even then he didn't have a problem controlling Shinsoo to block Evankhell's strong attack.[1]


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