Yokim (요킴, Yokim) is a humanoid, one-eyed guardian that serves as the enemy for the 3rd stage of the 37F stage tests in the Hell Train. The "guardians" are a kind of system that protects the Hell Express and are like "administrators" who prevent Regulars from doing unexpected actions.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Yokim is a purple-skinned, cyclopean, humanoid guardian. It possesses a lean but defined musculature, has three black wire-like extensions that extend from its back, its single eye is black and its mouth is full of small sharp teeth. The guardian wears a black cropped tank top, black Speedos and black footwear.

The guardian appears to quite enjoy fighting as it showed what could be considered by some as a smile when Baam was battling it.

Powers and Abilities

Yokim is a relatively powerful guardian who wields a red spear. It has a high level of control over its spear as it is able to alter its trajectory without the aid of a Lighthouse.[2]

However, despite wielding a spear, Yokim is actually a stronger close-range combatant.[2] It is very quick and fights using shinsoo-reinforced blows from its hands.[2]


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