Eventually, I will face my family's blunder. But, I have no choice. I will ride that damn Hell Train or whatever. 'Cause I have decided to follow Viole till the end.

Yihwa speaking to her inner thoughts[4]


Yeon Yihwa is quite special because she came from a very rare family (the family word here might refer to his father's family blood regarding the special birth process of Yeon's family members). When she was a child, Yeon's Family adults praised her for showing an extraordinary flames after immolating a person with it, stating that she might become Zahard's Princesses of the Yeon Family.[5] Yihwa entered the Tower when she was 14 and passed the Second Floor with the highest scores. Afterward, it only took her 5 years to reach till the 20th Floor and all without anyone's help, including her Family's, indicated that she is very talented.

SIU has repeatedly emphasized that Yihwa is a very special character in the part II, stated that her power level is unrivaled among the regulars (Viole not included), and when reffering to the part 1, she'd be like Androssi Zahard. [6]. This statement is very consistent since SIU has that she is roughly similiar to Androssi (pretty, feminine, good stats) since Yihwa's first appearances.[7]However, SIU doesn't explain further about what was the difference between the two, because it may contains leaked stories for the future, but this might refer to Yihwa's lack of self-confidence and the reason that she was afraid to hurt others, which makes her a little different with Androssi.

On the event of Yihwa's special flames awakening against Angel, SIU emphasized her presence more in his blog post with the statement that if she controlled her powers, she'd have an ability that will put Koon Ran to shame.[8] SIU also explained why Yihwa rarely have actions in the story, it is because he suffered a wrist pain from drawing flames.[9]

Action Event

Initially she had trouble controlling her flames, as she fully admitted this during her conversation with Akraptor, calling herself a 'defective product' because of it.[10] However Yihwa's control got better over the next few years but she still had trouble with her accuracy and couldn't hit specific targets; despite this, she was later seen using her flames to knock out four opponents with a mini-explosion during a test.[11]

Workshop Battle

During the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle, she managed to hit a member of Team Snake fairly accurately and also managed to hit a small target such as Medina from a far distance with Wangnan even implying that her training paid off.

Hell Train

After the events of the Workshop Battle, Yihwa has gained more confidence in controlling her flames.[12] After the timeskip, Yihwa has shown an impressive improvement on the control of her flames, being able to direct a large volume of flames to erupt from underneath Cassano.[13]

  • Yihwa goes super saiyan
  • Unconscious, Mad Yihwa
  • Yihwa got pissed with Angel
  • Yihwa preparing attack on Angel
  • Yihwa commands her fire
  • Angel attacked flying Yihwa
  • Yihwa flying freely with her fire
  • Yihwa was seen flying high from afar
  • Yihwa massive-size fire attack
  • Yihwa targeting final blow on Angel
  • Yihwa destroyed Angel
  • Special Flames Awakening: A major power development happened to Yihwa when she met Angel during the event of the Dallar Show. Isolated behind the prison chains that was built by Mad-Dog Buelsar Elliot, Yihwa, Bero-Bero and Hongjo has to fight till death against Angel. In this event, Yihwa's true potential and her special flames was unlocked, although unconsciously and eventually she went crazy and lost control. It happened after Yihwa suffered a mental breakdown from shock after watching Hongjo (red chicken) was killed by Angel.[9]

Upon seeing the true flames power of the Yeon Family, Angel got scared and realized that she picked up a fight with a wrong person, but it was already too late. Yihwa, who at the time was unconscious and controlled by her anger and revenge, destroyed Angel mercilessly with her massive flames.[9]

Name Hunt Station

  • Yihwa and Danhwa prepared to strike Inieta.
  • Yihwa and Danhwa attacked Inieta.
  • Yihwa flames blast effect
  • Yihwa and Danhwa combined attack blast effect.
  • Inieta survive the blast of Yihwa & Danhwa combined attack.
  • Yihwa flames blast got blocked by Inieeta.
During the Name Hunt Station Arc, when Rak Wraithraiser was cornered in his fight against Arie Inieta, Hong Danhwa and Yihwa quickly interfered the fight between the two to help and support Rak. Danhwa attacked Inieta with an ignition sword that was combined with Yihwa's wide range fire attack. However, Inieta successfully defend the attack with his sword and almost left unscratched. Upon realizing that the flame came from a member of the Yeon Family, Inieta quickly changed his primary target from Rak to Yihwa, stated that Yihwa is dangerous and he will finish the biggest nuisance first.[14]

During the attack of Karaka at the name hunt station to prevent Jyu Viole Grace from boarding the hell train, Yeon Yihwa, together with Androssi Zahard, Rak Wraithraiser and Hong Danhwa that at the time was being held hostages by Karaka, intended to distract the slayer with the wave shock of the ignition sword. They said they will sacrifice themselves in order to let Androssi escape with Bong Bong so that Baam would be able to board the hell train.[15]And then they fell off from the bridge that seems to have endlessly height.

At the same time, Yuri Zahard launched her special attack: Rose Shower to distract Karaka from attacking Baam that was boarding the hell train, but it seems more likely that Yuri was intended to finish him at once and for all, rather than "distracting him" because of the massive scale and range of the Rose Shower. And in the end, Yihwa, Rak and Danhwa was ended up trapped on that full scale attack as well. The moment after that massive event, Rak was found out to survive that height fall and ended up inside the hidden floor because he got sucked into the small piece of the hidden floor mirror that fell out from Danhwa's pocket. However, Yihwa and Danwha was nowhere to be seen.

  • Special Flames Awakening: It turned out that Yihwa and Danhwa didn't got sucked into the mirror like Rak but rather they were rescued by Yuje and was carried to the 43rd Floor not far from the entry to the Floor of Death. Yuze explained to Danhwa, who just woke up from his faint, that it was all thank to the flames of the Yeon Family (Yihwa) that was asleep within her body, that made them survived the Rose Shower attack because it was activated to defend it's owner's life.[16]

Rose Shower isn't just a kind of normal attack. It was capable to terrorized Slayer Karaka to save his life, forced Karaka to activated his regeneration ability.[17] Not only that, Rose Shower also successfully forced Kallavan to block it's attack with the power of Essence of Bravery.[18]So, the fact that Yihwa's special flames was able to withstand high ranker technique like Rose Shower, Yihwa's potential cannot be underestimated. She has a very strong power that was still asleep.


Hwayeomsa (Flame User)

  • Yihwa's initial flames
  • Yihwa's flames during the begining of Hell Train Arc
  • Illustration of the special flames of the Yeon Family.
Flame User (화염사, Hwayeomsa): Yihwa is a fire user and claims her unrestrained flames are enough to cause the Rankers in her family trouble.[19] Her flames were initially a pinkish shade, tinted with violet, blue and sparks of white.[20] However, in her most recent display, her flames appear a more traditional fire-like color with heavy black features.[13]

Special Flames of Yeon Family

Special Flames: Every Yeon Family members was born with special flames power. It looks like Yihwa's special flames are so powerful in both defensive and offensive capabilities. The flames will start to surround Yihwa's body and eventually create flame barrier to protect her. The flames can also help Yihwa to fly effortlessly.

  • Defensive: Strong enough to withstand Rose Shower attack.[16]
  • Offensive: Massive-size flames, wide range and long range, making it very brutal and hard to dodge.[9]

Notes and Trivia

  • Rak mentioned that her flames are hotter than lava.[21]
  • She is immune to Quaetro Blitz's flames.[22]
  • SIU wrote on his blogpost that When she gets her powers under control, she'll have an ability that will even put Koon Ran to shame.[8]
  • It is still unknown if the flames power that Yihwa released during her fight with Angel is her kind of special flames.[9]
  • Yihwa's special flame can withstand the Rose Shower, a special attack of Yuri Zahard (a Zahard's Princesses & top 500 high rankers).[16] Perhaps this could indicated that Yihwa's potential flames power is comparable to the top 500 high ranker.


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