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Yeon Ilarde (연 일라드, Yeon Illadeu) is an old fellow family member (권속, gwonsok; 眷屬) of Yeon Hana and a main member of the Yeon Family.[1] Since the Head of the Yeon Family has chosen not to bear children, Ilarde does so in her place. So the children of the Yeon Family all call her "godmother".[1]

Her fellow family member Ilarde gives birth to and raises her children in her stead, so the children of the Yeon Family all call her "godmother".[1] Once every 5 years, Ilarde selects (선별, seonbyeol; "choose") a man to sleep with her, and it is said that Rankers from all over the Tower gather for a chance to become that man; however, Ilarde's eyes for choosing men are very "cold", so unless one is a decent male Ranker, it is difficult to even get past the paper document interview.[1] Selected males live in the palace for 5 years, and only one of these men will receive the right to sleep with Ilarde and, if a child is born, they attain the glory of being accepted into the Family.[1]



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