Yeon Hana (연 한아, Yeon Hahn-Ah) is the Head of the Yeon Family.

Appearance and Personality

Hana is known to be the most beautiful among the 10 Family Heads.[1]

Despite sometimes being suspected of being a misandrist, Hana actually has a gentle personality (which is very rare among the 10 Family Heads) and treats both men and women kindly.[1] Though she has a gentle personality, Yeon Hana is "the scariest woman when angry" according to the 10 Family Heads. It is said that when angered once, she surpassed Ha Yurin who was famous for having a terrible personality, but this is impossible to confirm at the present time in which the 10 Family Heads are not active in public.[1]


Although she is the Family Head, there is not a single child in the Yeon Family who has received her blood. All children of the Yeon Family are the sons and daughters of "Ilarde", who is an old fellow family member (권속, gwonsok; 眷屬) of Hana.[1] Yeon Hana herself is a virgin who has never embraced a man. According to a rumour, she could not forget a man whom she broke up with a long time ago, so she made a contract with a Guardian to become a "female that cannot feel love towards the opposite sex".[1]

Her fellow family member Ilarde gives birth to and raises her children in her stead, so the children of the Yeon Family all call Ilarde "godmother".[1]


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