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The Flames of the Yeon Family is a special flame gifted by an Ancient Master. Long time ago, the head of Yeon Family, Yeon Hana received two types of special flames. This two special flames known as the Primeval Flames.[1]

  • 1.) A Flame that capable to burn anything.
  • 2.) A Flame that capable to save anything.

For some unknown cause, Evankhell also possessed a primeval flame. The reason why Evankhell possessed that special flame is still unknown. But it's probably because Evankhell shares the same Ancient Master with Yeon Hana. Evankhell's primeval flames can burn matter, living creatures, and the Shinsoo itself (ordinary flame can't burn shinsoo). However, according to Evankhell, the flames she used has gotten weaker over time, and now it's not much different from the kind of fire that ordinary people use. But, there are some direct descendants of the Yeon Family that inherited the power of those two Primeval Flames.

True flame yeon family1

Notes and Trivia

  • Evankhell shares the same Ancient Master with Yeon Hana.
  • Evankhell also has a primeval flame that can burn matter, living creatures, and the Shinsoo itself.
  • Lo Po Bia Yasratcha commented that Evankhell's flame lacks the dignity of the Yeon Family.


  1. Vol.3 Ch.26: 52F - King of the Dogs (3)


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