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Zygaena's flower, Yeon Family's symbol

The Yeon Family (연 가문, Yeon Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families lead by Yeon Hana. Interestingly enough, members of the family do not carry her blood as all of them are born from Ilarde, the "godmother" of the clan.[2]


Like the Ha Family, the Yeon Family is a thoroughly matriarchal family, so males cannot take central roles in either the main house or the branch house of the Family.[2] Thanks to this, the females of the Yeon Family, especially those of the main house, have a tendency to look down on men.[2]

The Yeon Family is famous for producing powerful Flame users. It is said that daughter of the family are "flame" itself from the moment they are born.[3]

Yeon Family is a very rare family. Daughters of the Yeon Family line are born around once every 100 years, they are gifted with amazing flame manipulation abilities. If Yeon Yihwa can develop that abilities, she can even put members from the Khun Family to shame. [4] According to Yuje, direct female descendant such as Yihwa have a special flame that even when the user is still a regular, can momentarily resist a lethal shinsu attack from High Ranker.[5]

Yeon Hana received a primeval flame from the Ancients. There are two type of this primeval flame, flame that burn everything and flame that save everything. The flame get weaker overtime so the current generation only inherit ordinary flame. However, this primeval flame can still be inherited by some direct descendant.[6]

They are also the rulers of the 21st Floor. Their members carry a broach that holds a rare jewel referred to as Zygaena's Flower, which grows inside a Zygaena. In order to protect the value of the gem, the Yeon Family control the Zygaena offspring in order to keep the rare statue of this gem.[7]


At some point, the Yeon Family selected the jewel Zygaena's Flower as the crest of the Yeon Family, which can only be found in the body of the Shinheuh Zygaena which is indigenous on the 21st Floor. Because of this, several members of the Yeon Family wear them as hairpins. In order to protect the value of the jewel, the Yeon Family hunts down several offsprings of Ziguenas while classifying it as endangered species on the 21st Floor.

Known Members

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Notes and Trivia

  • Yeon Family members are similar to Zahard's Princesses in that they don't inherit the blood of their Family Head.
  • Yeon in Korean means lotus or sun.
  • Sometimes, in the Yeon Family there are people who create weapons infused with their own power. Like in Yeon Woon case, he put the curse on the weapon that completely destroys it if someone steals it from its previous owner.[8]



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