That's weird. You're extremely good at using an intense burst of power. Maybe you were born like that.

Verdi about Miseng's weird power potential.[1]

Yeo Miseng (여미생, Yeo Misaeng; or "Yuh Meesaeng") is a D-Rank Regular who climbs the Tower in search of her parents. Yeo Goseng and Miseng come from the same family and are of the same generation level. This is because they share the same surname "Yeo"(여) and they share the same generation name "Seng"(생): 미생(MiSeng) and 고생(GoSeng).[2] They are probably cousins.

SIU has confirmed they're not sisters, insinuating they're most likely from the same family and know each other very well (again, they are probably cousins).[3]

Appearance and Personality

She looks like a young teenage girl. She wears what looks like a typical schoolgirl uniform with a shirt, tie, sweater and skirt. She also carries around a pink backpack and a cellphone with her. After the time skip, she has grown up some, with the same hairstyle and clothing type, but with a more developed body.

She is caring for others, but easily shaken. She shares her food with other Regulars and even gives Jyu Viole Grace a chocolate bar (translated as "chips" in The Company's scanlation), even when she was well aware that he could easily kill her.[4] She is able to sense other people's loneliness and suffering and realised that Jyu Viole Grace was simply trying to keep others at a distance, to protect his feelings, when he declared "That is why none of you can become my teammate. I am your enemy". Initially, she was also quite naïve and rather trusting of people, given that she clung to a woman who'd bought her a yoghurt.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Last Chance

Yeo MisSeng

She appeared on the 20th Floor after Horyang's appearance. Miseng also didn't do much until Goseng appeared and she yelled out "Unni!". When Ja Wangnan started yelling at the other Regulars, she said that the test was only going to last 30 minutes so they could all go up together. But Wangnan rebuked her, saying that she didn't understand anything and she was probably ditched by her friends like trash, which made her cry. At this point, Hon Akraptor came in and decided a vote-off, in which he chose Miseng. Ja Wangnan rebuffed him for choosing Miseng and instead chose him. Viole interrupted and said he would drop everyone and a fight broke out. Miseng and Goseng cowered in a corner while everyone else fought. Afterwards, the test ended.

The Strongest Regular

While waiting for the other Regulars and the next test, Miseng gave everyone, except Akraptor, a chocolate bar. The next test, which was a Shinsoo Strengthening Test, began and Miseng managed to come in 11th before Horyang hit the machine. She was later seen crying in the corner, thinking she failed the test. When it was announced that Viole would be picking the remaining seven members, she was one of the people who pleaded to be chosen. She ran up to Viole and hugged him around his waist, crying that she wanted to see her mother and father. Viole awkwardly lifted his hands away, as if he was unsure how to handle the situation, though he did nothing to stop her or push her away.


During the rest period, she became acquainted with the yoghurt woman and was scolded by Akraptor for being too trusting. Later on, she seemed to be able to get along better with Akraptor while playing cards, which Miseng had talent with.

The Untrustworthy Room

In the Trustworthy Room Test, Yeongsuk tried to take advantage of her and steal her room, but Miseng refused to open the door. Akraptor came to her rescue and played a word game with her to keep her occupied. Later on she helped her team by guarding a room. After the test she was seen celebrating with the other Regulars.


On the 21st Floor, she exercised constantly with Prince. She sat with Wangnan and Goseng to greet the FUG members that Viole brought home and fell asleep once Ha Jinsung began to brag about Viole's skills.

Flower of Zygaena

Observer hologram

Hologram created by Observer

On the 21st Floor Test, the team was divided into two groups in order to quickly find and retrieve the flower of Zygaena. Miseng was grouped with Goseng, Wangnan and Akraptor. When the flower was found on a pig like creature, the group chased after it. It ran into a small tunnel, too small for an adult to fit in. Wangnan told Miseng to go in after it since she was the only one capable of fitting in the tunnel. Akraptor agreed, thinking that it would be a good way for her to gain confidence in herself. Miseng chased it out into the open where Urek Mazino and Viole were in the middle of a fight. Viole, realizing that she was going to be hurt by their attacks, shielded her with his body and was severely wounded as a result. Urek was impressed by Viole's bravery and left them an extra flower.

Epilogue, Path

After they passed the test, Miseng was often seen sitting by Viole's bedside.


Team Tangsooyook took the test on the 28th Floor. Miseng worked with her team to trick the opposing team by acting as bait.

Devil of the Right Arm


After the test, she and Prince were sleeping in the room they were playing in while Horyang told the team his history. Afterwards, she wanted to wear pink when meeting Cassano but her idea was rejected. Later on, she expressed her concern regarding Horyang to Viole, and it was probably this that convinced Viole that Horyang had to be brought back.


The next day, she woke up and joined the rest of the team to explain the situation to Koon. She accompanied them to Koon's private bunker and saw what FUG had done. She was also there when Wangnan and Koon agreed to make an alliance. In the following months, she sorely missed Horyang and Viole, though she tried to hide it. Though she had been training with the rest of the team, she wasn't feeling confident. Whether it was deliberate or not, Prince comforted her when she was on the verge of crying. The night before the test she stayed up late with Prince for additional training. Though she went into the test extremely tired, they all passed.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

She along with the rest of Team Tangsooyook, Koon and Dan boarded their Suspendiship and passed through to the 30th Floor. There, she stared in awe at the gigantic ship Archimedes.

One Shot, One Opportunity


Miseng and Prince

She is captured with Prince by Verdi, because she thought they seemed cute and decide to make them marry. Verdi then decorated them with flowers for the wedding. She was finally sent up to the Archimedes with Prince.

Battle x Gamble

She was chosen for the first round of the Plug event, appearing in a state of fury with a blood-covered plug. She eliminated four Regulars, due to Verdi's flower that she had put on, which enhanced her abilities, but was stopped by Prince and Akraptor. She failed to go to the next round.

The Truth

At the after party, she and Prince (dressed up in disguise) act as little cupids and drag a surprised Horyang to a date with Goseng.

Battle x Gamble

After Prince was beaten by unconscious Miseng, he went out and quickly informed Akraptor and Wangnan of everything that had transpired since they last met. Akraptor wondered if Miseng had been forced, but Prince disagreed. He knew that Miseng blamed herself for losing Horyang and Viole, and wanted to become stronger to bring them back. In the interim, Miseng had defeated all the other Regulars and Akraptor and Wangnan resolved to defeat Miseng.

The three of them then scattered as berserk Miseng charged towards them. Prince tried to use triple flow to block Miseng, but was easily bypassed. Prince then used his reel inventory as a trip wire between two of his Lighthouses and tangled her weapon, leaving Akraptor an opportunity to snatch away the flower on Miseng's head.


She was seen happily reuniting with the rest of her team, aboard the Wolhaiksong suspendiship.

Later on, she can be seen peeking into Viole's room where he was sleeping with Koon and Rak.


She can be seen with the rest of Team Tangsooyook, saying goodbye to Leesoo's team.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


She was seen with the rest of her team when Hwa Ryun was explaining about the Hell Express.

Revolution Road
Miseng Observer

Along with Prince and Akraptor, she appeared on the Entrance floor of Train City while Beta, Aka and Moontari were combating Mirotic. After briefly viewing the situation, she took out her Observer and used it to locate and discern the semi-illusory guardian's weak points. She then informed her teammates and allies, allowing them to take down the Mirotic guardian.

Afterwards, she travelled with everyone until they caught up with Viole and Boro. After a brief reunion with Viole and Daniel's revelation to Aka and Boro, Daniel destroyed the stairs preventing them all from following him. Miseng eventually reached the platform with everyone else, just as the Train was leaving. She then left with everyone to go to the stadium and sort everything out.


A month after the Train City incident, during a team meeting after the question was put up with how to contact Wangnan and Yihwa she suggested using Emile but the idea was deemed too risky. When the meeting ended, she and the others went to eat (with Rak suggesting eating a meal she didn't like). When Viole suddenly collapsed, she and Rak worriedly tried to help him.

After completing the 36th Floor test and Viole collapsing again, they were visited by Ha Jinsung who told them all to give up on chasing the Hell Express because the person who was on there was too powerful for them. As he escorted them to the 36th Floor middle area, they managed to trick him and escape via Koon's genius planning.

Wooden Horse

Team Tangsooyook rushed to get to the Wooden Horse station as fast as they could. On their way, Khun, Rak and Viole jet ahead by riding on shinsoo with Miseng hoping they made it on time. Much later, she along with Prince, Akraptor, Quaetro and Chang found themselves trapped inside a cage on board the Hell Express.

The Dallar Show

Having been imprisoned for a month Prince was raging and Miseng was fruitfully trying to calm him down.

Powers and Abilities

At first, Miseng appears to be a weak young girl because of her appearances that can be considered as 'too young'. She also almost never did something impressive or display any special ability or power at the beginning. But seeing how she was able to reach the 20th Floor, at least she is capable to go that far.

During the Flower Test on the 21st Floor we see her putting an Observer on the baby Zygaena carrying the flower, showing she is at least able to perform her duties as a Scout relatively well. After the timeskip, she has developed her abilities as a Scout and was able to locate and discern the Mirotic guardian's weak points using her Observer.[5] When they were playing a card game, it was revealed she's quite a good strategist and basically dominated the game after she joined it.[6] However, it remains to be seen how she'd perform during a test.

Potential Power Control: After the Workshop Battle she studied on how to increase her potential power at once without losing control. After asking Verdi for some help, she gained knowledge of a special seed that allowed her to do so. Thus, after constant training for a year, she became able to use her potential power without losing control. However, it is still a little unstable, however.[7]

Shinsoo Boost: Berserker Mode: After returning from the Hidden Floor, Androssi gave Miseng the device to determine what her shinsoo quality is. Unlike others that generate an object or weapon from Shinsoo, Miseng's quality appears to enhance her speed and strength far greater than simple Body Reinforcement. She was able to close the distance between her and two regulars before either could react and deliver a devastating punch to one.[1]


  • Yeo Goseng: Miseng is very trusting in Goseng and listens to her a lot. In The Trustworthy Room, she opened the door only to Goseng.
  • Hon Akraptor: At the beginning she seemed to be fearful of Akraptor and this was probably the reason she did not share a chocolate bar with him during the time when everyone was waiting for next test. However, this changed when they both played the game of words and she began to respect and feel more secure around Akraptor, who treats her as if she were his daughter.
  • Jyu Viole Grace: Although at first all the companions were afraid for Viole, Miseng could sense that Viole was very lonely and gave him a chocolate bar. They get along very well, with Viole even risking his life for her during his fight against Urek Mazino.
  • Prince: They both have the same mental maturity and both are seen playing video games. We have seen that Prince wants to protect her, considering her as a sister.


  • Observer: Like most Scouts in general, Miseng also controls an Observer. She can perform a holographic decoy of herself using an Observer to lure enemies into a trap, taking advantage of her appearance as an easy target.[8] At the Train City, she used her new Observer to analyse and determine there was a device that controlled the Mirotic guardian's semi-illusory state hidden in a nearby door.[5] At Last Station she use observer's reflection skill in order to deflect the Purple Eye Brothers' attack, so that she can easily finished them with Berserker Mode.

Notes and Trivia

  • She doesn't give Akraptor a chocolate bar.[4] The reason for that is yet unknown. It could be because he tried to vote her off earlier.[4]
  • In terms of her ability to strengthen herself using Shinsoo, she is below Ja Wangnan and just above Yeo Goseng.
  • She doesn't seem to have any pupils and her eyes are one solid colour.
  • Considering her impressive strategic abilities (shown during the card game they played during the Trustworthy Room) it remains to be seen if her personality (the innocence, the crying, etc.) is really child-like or if it's an act to manipulate others or both.
  • She enjoys taking photos with her handphone. She took a photo of Love when he appeared and was ready to take a photo of Wangnan when he tried to take off his pants.[9][10]
  • Miseng is a term used in Go, which means "yet to be completed".[11]


  • (To Ja Wangnan during the Survival Round test) "I'm sorry for being useless... please don't throw me away. To meet my mom and dad... I have to get to the top of the Tower..."[12]
  • (To Hon Akraptor) "You tried to kick me out on first sight. You almost hit the auntie. And you look like a bad person!! Mom and dad told me not to make friends with bad people!!"[13]
  • (To Ja Wangnan after the death of Akraptor and Prince) "I'm not afraid at all of dying!! In fact, it would be better to die, rather than running away like this after watching Arkraptor and Prince die!!"[14]
  • (To Baam) "I want to help too! I can't just stand by and watch any more people die! There are people we want to save too!"[15]
  • (To Baam and Androssi) "I don't want anyone to die because of me ever again!!"[16]


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