Yama's gang is a group that mostly consisted of canines (dogs race) and some humans which are led by Baylord Yama, the No. 7 Slayer of FUG and his 7 executives. Their main base of operations is the mothership known as "The Cage" where "Power is everything". There are also locations such as the Dog Shelter where the rugrats are kept or the regular arena where they choose the rugrats to take to the cage by capturing homeless dogs and make them fight to test their abilities.

Members of the gang participate in the Canine Tooth Festival where they celebrate how Yama beat a gigantic monster to save his people in ancient times, the leaders of the gang fight each other to show who is tougher.

Servants wear dog collars and people living in the cage do not have many children.

Canine people belong to an ancient bloodline of Yama and his brothers, transformation is what it is called when the hidden power of the bloodline awakens for a second. Yama is the only member able to use full transformation because of how thin the bloodline has become. The first time one undergoes transformation it is very painful. Rugrats who win a lot of battles get recognized as the best fighters are registered as Fighting Dogs where they spend the rest of their lives as Lord Yama's Fighting dogs.



Types of Dogs

  • Combat Dogs
  • Rugrats (What they call kids in Yama's Gang)
  • Fighting Dogs
  • Mutt (Those who came to settle in the cage after wandering through the tower)
  • Guide Dog
  • Canine lords (Who've inherited the mysterious ancient power Yama and his brothers)
  • Homeless Dogs (Dogs who cut off contact from the Cage AKA stray dogs)


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