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Yadu (야두) is the name of a giant winged-beast found in the 43rd Floor of the Tower. This Shinheuh acts as a mean of transportation for Garam Zahard and her companions.[1]


Yadu appears as a massive centipede-like creature with 2 pairs of wings on both sides of its body and the color of the wings seem to be able to change between red and yellow. It has 9 pairs of legs in total and eyes on the side of its head. The Shinheuh has gray skin with some parts colored in red, mainly in the teeth-like part of its head and the tips of each leg. It is massive in size and hollow inside making it easy for a group of people to walk and stay inside its body. Garam even used that as the place to tell Twenty-Fifth Baam about his origin.

It is extremely hard to tame[1] with Garam being the only one known to be able to control it. During the battle against Hell Joe, it was used by Garam, Baam, and their companions to escape from Hell Joe's attack.[2] It was also used as a foothold for Kranka to shot his Snow Blaster Ice Castle attack.[3]

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