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Xia Xia (시아 시아) is an D-rank Regular and Light Bearer that used to live on the 28th Floor as an information seller.[2] Xia Xia was most likely inactive and made a living as an informant, selling information to others. Xia Xia claimed that she was hired by FUG to get rid of all the E-ranks who could possibly be competition for Jyu Viole Grace whom she used to call her "God" when she worked for FUG. A former member of Team FUG, Xia Xia is now part of Khun's support team.

Appearance & Personality

Xia Xia wore bright red robes and previously covered the bottom half of her face with a cloth. In the Hell Train arc, she wears a red dress. She has rabbit ears, light browny blonde hair, and amber eyes.

She has a particular liking to money and was seen behaving in a deranged manner during the detonation of the Hand of Arlen. This behaviour remains, as she was unwilling to work to her full capabilities until her team had paid her.[3]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Devil of the Right Arm

Horyang pays Xia Xia for information on Cassano's whereabouts and she directs him towards The Hand of Arlen. She

Xia Xia blows up the Hand of Arlen

later encounters Jyu Viole Grace, tells him about Horyang passing through and accompanies him to the Hand (for a fee). She attempts to manipulate Viole into attempting to kill Ran and Novick, who were standing over Horyang's bloody body.

She also hired an assassin to kill those who came to the hand. It is later revealed that she is part of FUG. She tells Khun that Viole hired her to kill potentially dangerous E-rank Regulars. Viole goes with her but threatens to kill her and all the other FUG members if they ever threaten his friends again. In response to this, she retaliates by blowing up the Hand, almost killing Khun. Ran and Novick are taken in her escape pod.


In the escape pod, she commented on the survival of Ran and Novick. The two of them asked her what her motives were and she answered that it was to build up a reputation for Jyu Viole Grace; their next step would be to win the Workshop Battle. Disgusted, Ran and Novick attacked Cassano and Xia Xia, but Viole stopped them using Novick's technique. He then told Xia Xia that he'd participate in the Workshop Battle if she took the two of them as their teammates. Xia Xia hesitated, but Viole insisted and she caved in.

Later, she led Reflejo and Yuto to Viole and Reflejo introduced himself. Viole had just finished testing out the power of the "Thorn" and walked away. Reflejo apologized for their forceful actions, but Viole simply responded that it was because he showed weakness. Later, he, Xia Xia, Cassano, Horyang, Reflejo, and Yuto passed the 29th Floor test with flying colours.

The Workshop Battle

Xia Xia was sleeping when she got woken up by Io, explaining the rules of the next game.

One Shot, One Opportunity

After she woke up, she was berated by Reflejo for not keeping an eye on Viole and letting him escape. In the end, Reflejo decided to stay here and wait for Viole and to only go out when there were 100 tickets left. When Anak threw her spear at their lodgings, Xia Xia directed her team with her lighthouse.

Battle x Gamble

Xia Xia warning Viole that Gods who don't grant wishes are of no use to humans

She accompanied Viole outside where he was surrounded by FUG supporters and saw how he was disturbed by the suffering everyone had gone through. She asked Viole if he was concerned about expectations for him in the Workshop Battle. Viole didn't respond, he instead asked if Xia Xia had also had similar experiences. She flippantly told him that she had nothing against Zahard and only wanted to make money. She then asked if Viole was happy that he could hate her without guilt, but Viole simply replied that he was glad she hadn't been hurt. When she left the room she ran into Novick, who told her not to disturb Viole since according to him, he isn't like the other Regulars who seek power and has a special kind of light about him.

After Viole's round, she warned him not to repeat the words he spoke in his battle against the false believers, saying, "No one needs a god who doesn't fulfill their wishes". She then proceeded to win her round and went back to her room after some ribbing by Novick.

The Truth

Xia Xia is depressed after having to go out to the party with Novick and Horyang. She is later seen drunk and knocked out in FUG's lodgings.


As the battle between Team FUG and Team Mad Dog commenced, she apologizes to Reflejo for over drinking the night before and finds it strange that he simply brushes it aside instead of getting angry like usual.


Xia Xia makes a brief appearance guarding the entrance to the Thorn along with Reflejo, Ron Mei, and Varagarv.


Bunny watching over the hostages

FUG promises Xia Xia a payment and tasks her to watch over the hostages. She decides to betray FUG and help Viole rescue them as she "still needs Viole" for reasons unknown.


Khun recruits her into Team Novick, a spare team to support and share info with Team Tangsooyook and also to hunt down Rachel.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


She was seen with the rest of her new team getting ready to leave in search for Beniamino Cassano.

Revolution Road

Xia Xia joined Beta and Ran in one of the train carriages and relayed the message to everyone else that Khun was going to be late in joining them. She then followed the rest of the team when Ran said they would be participating in the tournament.

When the team reached Train City and encountered the elevator she was one of the people arguing which floor to go to until Ran pressed a random floor. Ending up on the Entrance floor the team encountered the guardian who told them to turn back as the gate was not ready to open. When Ran decided to attack the guardian and it attacked back in retaliation, she used her Lighthouses to block its immense attack. Xia Xia then watched as the guardian overwhelmed Ran and then as Daniel Hatchid appeared and explained everything. She was shocked at his speed when Daniel left.

Later on, when it was revealed that the tournament was a trap, she aided the Regulars that were going after Rachel's group from the Control Room floor and, with Hwa Ryun's directions, she guided both Edin Dan and Beta through the maze.

After the tournament had ended, Xia Xia was one of those who asked what they would do next. Aka and Boro told them to go to the test area and get ready to go after the train.

Yuri Zahard

A worried Xia Xia

Xia Xia was seen alongside the rest of her team as they made it past the 6th Veil of the Name Hunt station.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

She got irritated with Ran's infuriatingly finicky attitude, but continued onwards with the rest of the team after Novick and Dan put Ran back on track. She later encountered a large Regular with the rest of her team, with the Regular demanding that Ran gave him his name. With Ran fruitlessly attacking Hesse without knowing anything about the Name Hunt station, both indirectly criticised Xia Xia's abilities eliciting her to mention that she wouldn't do anything without getting paid first. As Ran powered up and continued fighting, Xia Xia said it was dangerous and they should help, but Novick told her to wait as Ran had been training hard. Soon enough, Ran defeated Hesse with his new techniques.

Powers and Abilities

She is a Light Bearer and is proficient in the use of her three Lighthouses. In the Development Tournament she was worth 70,000P, the same amount as Yuto.


  • (To Jyu Viole Grace) "And please don't say that again. That you're not going to fulfill our wishes. Don't say that. Gods who don't make wishes come true... are of no use to humans."[5]

Alternate Translations

  • Sia Sia (LINE)

Notes and Trivia

  • It was revealed that Xia Xia needs a lot of money for her species with at least another member of her species aiming to be a Ranker.[6] The reason their race needs a large sum of money remains unknown.
  • She is probably named after the Chinese athlete Xiao Xia.



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