The World's Strongest Regular Test was the second test on the 20th Floor.

Explanation of the Test

It is a very simple test
Shinsoo test 1

The Shinsoo measurement tool

where the Regulars takes turn to hit a Shinsoo measurement tool. The point of the test is for the Regulars to use Shinsoo strengthening techniques to hit the pad on the tool and thereby get a score.


The Test Examiner of the test is the Ranker, Mule Love. He starts by demonstrating how to use the machine and effortlessly scored 13,200,000 points when he hit it.

Shinsoo test 5

Love demonstrating how to use the machine

For comparison most of the Regulars scored under 3,000 points and even Jyu Viole Grace "only" scored 134,769 points.

Conditions for next Test

Originally, the results of the test were supposed to be used for selecting 8 people who would take the next test i.e. the 8 strongest people. However, Love made this revision: the purpose of the test was to pick the person who won the first place. The winner of the test would then pick 7 teammates to take the last test along with them.[1] Note that these 7 Regulars did not have to be the 7 strongest in the The World's Strongest Regular Test.

This is evident from the fact Love said "Shut up! I do what I want!" when Prince protested about the change of the test conditions.


Below shows the resulting test rankings. Note: the resulting figure is accumulative:

Shinsoo round rankings1

Shinsoo test: Regulars' results


Mule Love - 13,200,000

  1. Jyu Viole Grace - 134,769 (Note: Viole used the Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique.)
  2. Prince - 25,521
  3. Yeon Yihwa - 22,384 (Note: Yeon's score was probably lower than her best possible due to her slipping on only hitting the target with her elbow.)
  4. Rapdevil - 11,988
  5. Kang Horyang - 6,350
  6. Hon Akraptor - 3,250

Everyone else scored lower than 3,250


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