The Workshop Patrols (공장의 패트롤) are a series of mechanical guards that patrolled the 30th Floor when the Workshop Battle took place.


Each Workshop Patrol is assigned a level. If one of them is destroyed, a stronger one takes its place and hunts down the person who destroyed the previous one, along with the offender the first Tournament Patrol was hunting. There is a direct correlation between the strength of the second Tournament Patrol sent out and the method one used to defeat it. Destroying a weak Tournament Patrol in one hit would send out a much stronger Tournament Patrol than if one destroyed the first Patrol slowly.[1]

The top level of Tournament Patrols remains unknown. The highest we have seen so far is Level 85 which was difficult to handle for an E-rank Regular of Horyang's caliber.


  • A weak Tournament Patrol
  • Blue Venom
  • Guguah Crab
  • Iron Crab
  • Blue Titan

Not much is known about the levels of patrols or where the ranking begins or ends, the only few known so far:

Unidentified Patrol: They seem stronger than the average Regular. The lowest level (below 30) move in groups. The higher-level are larger and more sophisticated.

Blue Venom (블루 독): They are very powerful. Being Level 30 Patrols, the Traveller says that an average team of E-rank Regulars can't beat it. Apparently, it carries two Observers used to monitor infractions that occur in the area and a powerful shield that, besides defense, also has an option for attack.

Guguah Crab (구구아 크랩): It is a Level 60 crab shaped unit. It uses its legs to launch itself off thus gaining speed, has a strong metal casing and is capable of firing up to three bursts of Shinsoo. Can also self-destruct.

Iron Crab: It is a Level 72 patrol. Its strength is currently unknown. Three of them were defeated in a single blow by Viole, who used three baangs and was aided by the Thorn.

Blue Titan: It is a Level 85 patrol, in the shape of a giant. Even a Regular of Horyang's level had trouble fighting against this machine. Androssi was able to easily defeat one and Viole was able to defeat it easily with three bangs after absorbing the Thorn.

Unidentified Level 99 Patrol: A defeated Level 99 patrol was among the wreckage of the patrols Androssi Zahard defeated during the One Shot, One Opportunity game.


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