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This page is about the fifth arc of the second story of Volume 2 with the same name. If that second story is what you were looking for, you can go here. If you were looking for the special event "The Workshop Battle" itself, go here instead.

Workshop Battle (공방전) is the fifth arc of the second story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The giant ship Archimedes

A white-haired man with glasses has a conversation with another via radio. Elsewhere, Team Tangsooyook is transported to the central area of ​​the 30th Floor and look very amazed at the ship where the Workshop Battle will be held, the Archimedes. Khun has a flashback where Hwa Ryun says that nobody can know that he and Baam are alive. Moreover, Leesoo, who also just arrived, is impressed to see the Archimedes, but Hatsu says that they are not here on holiday, but to kill Jyu Viole Grace.

Meanwhile, Ran and Novick ask Viole to tell Reflejo to remove their fetters, a request which he agrees to. Reflejo tells them to do nothing suspicious and, in response to this, Novick tries to intimidate him but feels something strange and jumps backward. After Reflejo leaves Novick asks Viole why he treats them so well, which he answers that is was because they are friends Khun, but could not give more details. While Ran and Novick walk down the stairs, Novick suggests to Ran that they should escape, because they had no obligation to help the Slayer candidate but Ran gives no reply. Later on in the night, Viole is seen outside staring off into the night, thinking of his old friends, when he sees the Traveller being chased.

Viole seeing the Traveller being chased

Viole follows the Traveller to an alleyway and destroys his pursuers. The Traveller berates him, confusing Viole and the two of them take cover. As Blue Dog appears at the scene, the Traveller explains that when a patrol is destroyed, it sends out a signal calling in a stronger patrol to take its place. He texts Emile and the two of them head to area D-52. When they got there, the Traveller starts setting up electronic transmission disruptors, saying that if they killed Blue Dog here, it wouldn't send out a signal for more patrols. They then start setting up a bomb to kill Blue Dog.

Meanwhile, Leesoo's team was being interviewed and Khun watches in exasperation as Wangnan and Dan practically drool over Androssi's interview. The two of them decide to watch a movie since the rest of Team Tangsooyook had left Wangnan while he was sleeping. Khun watches Leesoo's interview, noting that Leesoo was still a bad liar when he said Jyu Viole Grace didn't worry him. Suddenly, his interview was cut short by Io, the person in charge of the Workshop Battle. He said that a game was about to take place, with the prize being a ticket to board Archimedes and the tool they had to use was a gun.

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