Tog blue oar

Mule Love using Blue Oar

Wonsulsa (원술사, Wonsulsa or "Circle Ability User") is a Special Position referring to a controlling ability called "Wonsul" which circulates Shinsoo into a perfect circle, causing it to gain much greater strength while retaining the same myun and soo.[1][2]


Baam using blue oar

Viole using a Wonsul technique

Wonsul users can use Shinsoo as a booby-trap and, like Love, they can also throw Shinsoo like a ball or attack the opponent with a spinning-reinforced body.[2]

In order to become a Wonsulsa, one is chosen to take certain Tests at Gustang's Research Association to become certified.[2] Because of this, there are few Wonsulsa as only those who have passed have learned this technique. Requirements to be chosen to take the test are currently unknown and it is also unknown if Regulars are allowed to take this test.

Known Wonsul Techniques

Known Wonsulsa



Notes and Trivia

  • "Sa" means "user". Therefore, by adding "sa" on the end of a technique means a certain person uses the technique.


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