Wing Tree Badge (윙트리배지, Wingteu'ri baeji) is a badge worn by members of the Wolhaiksong to display their allegiance to their organisation.


Urek Mazino displaying his fourteen wings on his back.

The badge is a white tree with wings, quite similar to the logo of Wolhiaksong, but the number of wings changes from member to member. The badge can be expressed in many ways, most commonly as a pin or sown into the clothing, while Urek Mazino has his badge as a tattoo on his back. Depending on if it is a tattoo, pin, or sown different levels of detail can be added, where the pins have minimal amount of details compared to Mazino's tattoo.


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The symbol of the Winged Tree originates from the story between Urek and Baek Ryun; Urek shouted he'd give Baek Ryun's forest a pair of wings so Baek Ryun would leave his Floor. The forest was then compressed, stored in a box of wings which was a proof of friendship between the two men. Urek Mazino later moved Baek Ryun's forest to the 77th Floor and together with Urek and the founding members, Baek Ryun planted the Wingtree.[1] It has since been an important symbol of Wolhaiksong.

Last Examination

A smaller badge, consisting only of one wing with roots was given to Twenty-Fifth Baam by Ha Yuri Zahard, with a message from Urek Mazino to meet him on the 77th Floor.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • The number of wings on the Wing Tree seem to be related to their position in the organisation, with more wings indicating seniority or power, but this has yet to be verified.



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