• The gigantic White Steel Eel seen during Headon's test
  • The hungry Steel Eel tries to attack Baam
The White Steel Eel, or White Sturgeon, (흰철감장어, Huincheolgamjang-eo) is one of the most common Shinheuh inside the Tower. Adult Steel Eels have a gigantic, snake-like body covered with heavy steel-like armour. Steel Eels typically live in highly dense Shinsoo environments, so dense that normal people find it is extremely difficult to move around freely.[1] The Steel Eels, however, can move through it at extremely high speeds.[2]

Steel Eels are usually quite passive creatures, but during breeding season, they need food and also want to protect their young, so they will eat smaller harmless creatures.[3] They typically breed in areas with a high density of Shinsoo, so dense that even Wolhaiksong Rankers would have some trouble moving in it, except those with miraculous Shinsoo resistance.[1] One such eel was fought by Baam on the First Floor of the Tower with the help of the Black March.[3]

Notable White Steel Eels


Oarfish (오어피쉬, O'eopishi) is the name of a legendary White Steel Eel. It's fame is so great that the sword of the Great Family Head, Arie Hon, is named after it.[4] The Oarfish is also known as the fish regalecus (산갈치, sahngahlchi; literally "mountain cutlassfish/hairtail", in English "oarfish").

Alternate Translations

  • (LINE) White Armoured Eel[3]


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