Vicente[2] (비센테, Bisente) is one of five parts of the former FUG Slayer White[3] that was sealed in the Hell Express long ago. He is also one of Hoaqin's siblings.


Vicente was part of a family that were gifted in swordsmanship. His father first gave him a sword and Vicente eventually grew to master swordplay with both him and his sword getting stronger together. However, no matter how much he trained, he couldn't become as beautifully powerful a swordsman as his father.[4] During this time he sparred against his brother Hoaqin multiple times but never lost to him despite Vicente labelling him a 'genius'.[5] After hearing Hoaqin's plans to surpass their father and three other siblings also came to the same conclusion as Vicente, Hoaqin suggested merging their powers to become like their father. After Hoaqin showed them the spell, they ended up becoming one composite entity[4] called "White".

After "the incident", White had to split their souls again in the Hell Train but to do so they needed a lot of "sacrifices", but they failed and were sealed in an unstable condition.[4]

Appearance and Personality

Vicente has child-like appearance with youthful features and a short stature, although he is a lot less androgynous than his brother Hoaqin. He is extremely pale, with short silvery-white hair, silver-coloured eyes and crimson lines underneath his eyes. Vicente wears a white shirt with a special brooch and light brown shorts. He carries a book that has a pentagram on the cover around with him.

Vicente carries himself in a proper and polite manner, speaking calmly and rationally. Yeon Yihwa notes that unlike Hoaqin, who felt like a violent devil, Vicente feels more like a child.[6] Vicente is a genuinely nice person who will stand up for those who have helped him in his time of need, even if the people are enemies of his allies.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Wooden Horse

Vicente appeared behind Ja Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa and asked for their help in finding Hoaqin.

A Month

Vicente told Wangnan and Yihwa that he felt hungry and asked if there was anything to eat. Wangnan nervously asked what he meant and Vicente replied he meant snacks. Yihwa then whipped out a bag of banana-shaped chips and gave them to him. Vicente ate them and thanked them for the food before continuing to walk on.

The three then arrived in an area of the train where Buelsar Elliot and Angel were fighting against Rak and Bero Bero's team, with Vicente calling them stupid for fighting so loudly adding it was dangerous. Buelsar then asked if Vicente was another Hoaqin, and he confirmed. Vicente asked why they were fighting and Angel added that Wangnan and Yihwa were enemies. However, Vicente shocks them by saying that if they were enemies of Wangnan and Yihwa, they were also enemies of his regardless of whether they were Hoaqin's henchmen. Summoning his sword, Silver Moray, he says he would side with the ones who fed him when he was hungry.

Asking Angel and Buelsar once more if they were enemies of Wangnan and Yihwa, Hoaqin suddenly appeared exclaiming Vicente's name. Hoaqin happily greeted Vicente and immediately said to hurry and become one again before explained the current situation to him. Vicente agreed to merge but asked who would disappear this time. Hoaqin tried to convince Vicente but the latter rebutted him and said that it was his turn to become the next Slayer to cut off their father's head. Hoaqin frustratedly attacked Vicente but the latter blocked the attack with his own sword. Just then Wangnan stabbed Vicente with the White Heavenly Mirror, trapping him inside the blade.

Later, speaking from inside the White Heavenly Mirror, Vicente asked Wangnan to be freed, mentioning that he would side with them and help Viole during the game at the 4th stage. Noting the advantages of such a deal he told Wangnan to hurry up with a decision as it would be a catastrophe if Hoaqin was allowed to become complete again.

Now free, Vicente single-handedly clears a stage of the train by killing the enemies in an instant. Mentioning to Wangnan that all of his siblings should have the desire to become one again, he told them they had to find the other copies before Hoaqin did. Just then Daniel Hatchid appeared behind them, informing them that Hoaqin had found Anna. Daniel then made a deal with Vicente.

Arriving at the 4th stage, Vicente listened to Hoaqin's berating while he noted Anna's presence.

The Dallar Show

With all the teams present, Vicente observed the first round of the Dallar Show is won easily by Koon. During the second-round game, "Transferring the sweetfish" he was partnered with Ja Wangnan. While navigating the pipes, Vicente informed Wangnan of his history as "White", surprising the Tangsooyook Regular. They both then heard a loud noise, alerting them to Hoaqin's presence, and the two raced after them.

Wangnan and Vicente arrived behind Hoaqin and Vicente told his brother he was there to finish things. Hoaqin then attacked him, saying that Vicente would vanish as everything up to now was because of Hoaqin's own accomplishments.

The two brothers clashed ferociously with Vicente calling out Hoaqin on his sinful actions since becoming White and Hoaqin affirming that it was all necessary to become strong. Hoaqin then mentioned that no-one would accept Vicente as the center but Vicente said another already had. Just then Hoaqin heard the voice of his brother David behind him greeting him. David (possessing Wangnan's body) then stabbed Hoaqin in the back and Vicente dealt a seemingly fatal blow. However, Hoaqin then revealed that regardless of everything, the center would always be him as he was the only one who made a deal with the demon, shocking Vicente. Vicente then cursed his misfortune and asked that his father not forgive him for his sins as Hoaqin consumed his soul.

Powers and Abilities

Vicente is almost equally as powerful as his brother Hoaqin having been so since they were young. In their first clash on the Hell Train, he was able to block Hoaqin's sword strike with one arm.[4]
Silver Moray

The Silver Moray, Vicente's sword

Shinsoo Bubble: He can create a shinsoo bubble that can be used as transportation. He used it with Wangnan. It can move very fast.

Arie Swordsmanship: Coming from a family that specialized in swordsmanship, Vicente is a very proficient swordsman. Vicente's style specializes in defense.[5] Because of this, in their youth, whenever Vicente and Hoaqin sparred there was never a winner.[5]

  • Silver Moray: The Silver Moray is the sword that was bestowed upon him by his father; it was created to keep his family's honor and pride.[2] Shinsoo seems to course throughout the blade of the sword. Vicente can summon it using his book.
  • Summoning Silver Moray from the book
  • Blocking Hoaqin's attack
  • Killing many Sea-fish at once

Notes And Trivia

Vicente seat

Crest in the Vicente's seat.

  • His name is assumed to stem from the retired Spanish footballer Vicente.
  • His white hair and swordsmanship is unique abilty of  the Arie Family.



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