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This article contain profile of White/Hoaqin's Final Clone. Despite the clone being made up of billions of souls and thus technically having no defined single gender, we shall refer to "them" as a female due to their appearance.

White's Final Clone is an entity in the form of soul in a girl's body and referred to herself as Hoaqin's "Final clone".


She is an entity made up of the soul of "Albelda" and the billions of vengeful souls that White had previously consumed before losing his power and was defeated by a Princess from Arie Family.[1][2]

After the Battle of The Last Station, the Final Clone and Hoaqin are the only remaining two beings conscious inside the body of White while the other siblings are dormant. However, the Clone is shown to be able to only talk within Hoaqin's mind.[3]

During The Season 3 in the Battle of The Nest, the Final Clone appeared again to force Hoaqin to release his grip on the sword and surrender to Twenty-Fifth Baam.[4]

Appearance and Personality

The clone has an appearance quite similar to the siblings' with very pale skin and white hair, however, she has red-coloured eyes instead of white eyes. She wears dark silver-coloured clothing and, like Hoaqin, she wears a crown on her head. She wields a sword that is identical in appearance to Hoaqin's own.

The clone has an initially playful demeanor with a clear dislike extending towards Hoaqin. She also appears quite against Hoaqin's evil nature.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: The Dallar Show

She appeared suddenly beside Poro Poe before the start of the third round of the Dallar Show, and announced herself as Hoaqin's final clone. However Hoaqin refuted her claim saying she looked nothing like his sibling, but she replied that because of her massive power, she had to be his final clone. After briefly inspecting Jyu Viole Grace, she asked to be able to participate in the game adding that she'd aid whoever she wanted, a request Poe granted after some coercion.

The clone then watched as Viole saved hostages from both teams and the two combatants clashed their beliefs. During the third turn, when Hoaqin prepared to eliminate Viole for good, she interfered and saved Viole (and Akraptor's) life. Zapping down in front of Viole, she gave him a slight warning before transferring her power into him.

The Hell Train: Yuri Zahard

The clone was briefly seen when Sachi Faker announced that they would have to take a substitute test because of the train conductor's death.

The Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station

She helped in the defeat of the Gray guardian. Later, when Yuri Zahard asked who wanted to come to the Floor of Death, the clone mentioned she wanted to go but couldn't leave the train.

Powers and Abilities

The clone holds the tremendous power of billions of vengeful souls that had been gathered and absorbed by White; Evan noted that her power was "higher than a Ranker's".[5] Well aware of her power, the clone has shown the ability to move so fast it seems like teleportation, doing so with a burst of light,[1][5] and also the skill and power to launch her sword in order to intercept and block Hoaqin's powerful technique. The clone can also endow their power into someone by stabbing them in the chest and transferring the billions of souls into them.[1]

Levitation: The clone almost exclusively uses levitation as a preferred method for moving around.

Arie Swordsmanship: Because Albelda is part of the number of souls that make the clone up, she has access using this unique style of swordsmanship.[2] The clone has yet to use any specific techniques or skills however.

Notes and Trivia

  • It is yet unknown how this conglomerate entity managed to merge with Albelda and gain its own existence.
  • Rak refers to her as "Floating Turtle".[6]
  • The last clone is the embodiment of the lost souls power and Baam merely borrowed it.[7]
  • The reason Baam could use Hoaqin's skills was because the last clone is Albelda (Hoaqin's younger sibling) and the spirits. Since Albelda has the blood of the Arie, the power of the Arie Family could be use.[7]


  • (To Hoaqin after stopping his attack with her power) "That's enough, Hoaqin. Right to the bitter end, you just can't change your evil nature."[8]
  • (To Hoaqin) "I have been watching you for a lot longer than you think. Because the billions of victims you have made and their vengeful spirits, formed who I am, your new 'Clone'."[9]
  • (To Viole) "Your hope of saving everyone will meet its limits someday. But we thought that today is not the day. Alright. We choose you. I will share our power with you. The power of the billions of spirits gathered by White. Acting on their behalf, I will give this power to you. If you can withstand their resentment and bitterness, if you are worthy of containing them, you shall obtained a tremendous power."[10]
  • (To Viole after the Dallar Show) "The spirits residing within you will help you in the future. Although there may not be such a thing as perfect revenge. It felt great when you sent Hoaqin flying. Thank you, Jue Viole Grace."[11]
  • (Talking about Roen to Daniel) "I'm sorry, Daniel. I am already a complete whole. The personalities of individual souls are essentially gone. I know very well what you want. But there is no way for her to come back. I lied to the MC so that I could intervene in the game. Sorry."[12]
  • (Thinking about Viole to herself) "That boy is so strange. How can he be totally okay after using the power of all the souls like that? Is that the power of what they call 'Thorns'? Or is there something special about that boy?"[13]


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