White (화이트, Hwaiteu) is the tenth Slayer of FUG,[3] one of the 2nd generation of Slayers and until the latter events of the Hell Train, only his name and soul remained while his body had been lost.[4] It was revealed during the Dallar Show that Hoaqin and his other siblings, in their combined form, was actually White.[5] White has recently resurrected after Hoaqin and his final clone finally recombined.


The five siblings that compose White were part of a family that were gifted in swordsmanship. However, no matter how much they trained, they couldn't become as beautifully powerful a swordsman as their father.[6] After the five siblings came to the same conclusion, Hoaqin suggested merging their powers to be able to overcome their father[6] by using a forbidden technique left by an ancient devil, "Spell of soul-eating" (a spell that allows many to become one by eating each other's souls).[5] After studying the spell, they succeeded in becoming one being, subsequently known as "White".

While he was a Slayer, White became the king of two lands in an area of the Outer Tower on a Floor of the Tower.[7] After building each country up, he turned them against one another so that war and strife reigned endlessly throughout the lands; because of the wars, nearly a billion people died, all of whom were consumed and absorbed by White.[7]

His exploits and infamy made the Tower's citizens shake in fear. Among these, one of the most terrible rituals was carried out in a secretive location in the Tower, and it is said that over 60,000 lives were lost there. Eventually, he was subdued by a Princess(es) of Zahard who could no longer tolerate these evils.[4][8][9]

One source claimed that he casted a spell that would make his soul immortal before he died and because this rumoured spell was said to activate only under certain conditions, many speculated that, based on his acts in life, he may have created a spell that could enable his own resurrection at the cost of countless souls.[4] Many followers attempted to discover the conditions required to activate the spell that would resurrect him, but none were successful. However, some say that the mass murder incidents occurring in the Tower's Middle Area may be associated with this.[4]

The truth is that after "the incident", White had to split into his composite souls again in the Hell Train but to do so they needed a lot of "sacrifices". However they failed and were sealed in an unstable condition inside the Hell Train.[6]

Appearance and Personality

White's overall appearance is very similar to that of Hoaqin when he had absorbed three of his four siblings, with long flowing white hair, an effeminately handsome visage, a flowing robe with ornate red markings and trimmings and two long white wing-like extensions of shinsoo that trails behind him. His sword has transformed once more, being longer with a uniquely-shaped tip.

White, who had harboured an interest in sorcery and dangerous spells since ancient times, was especially interested in group rites and items that used sacrifices;[4] he was also notorious for playing around with human lives.[3] Due to his vicious personality, even a few followers of FUG preferred to avoid him. However, quite captivating is the saying that his usual self was quite the gentleman.[4] SIU notes that White seems to have a personality disorder.[10]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

With Hoaqin having finally recombined with his clone to become one again, White was resurrected.

As the Hell Train neared the last station ready to arrive, the High Ranker Dorian Frog appeared and used her powers to the stop the train dead in its tracks. With the train stuck, White stepped out, taking the environment after being sealed for so long. Being accosted by two Rankers, White effortlessly killed them while simultaneously getting rid of the sticky substance that was preventing the train from moving. With Dorian Frog wondering who he was, White introduced himself as the 10th Slayer of FUG before stating that they were all now his prey.

Dorian summoned his shinheuh, Pollack, which sent White flying very easily. While floating, White was reminiscing about meeting his father, when he was corrected about meaning of his previous words and treading path of evil. White was called back by voice of clone in his head and reminded about his deal with Hwa Ryun to help Regulars getting to the Last Station from the hell Train. The 10th Slayer got back in action quickly and killed another Ranker from 2nd Division of 4th Army Corp, H-14. Then he attacked Dorian, using Incinerating Splash of the Dead. Pollack was summoned again, but this time White, wanting to give to his sword a proper swing, used one of his stronger techniques, Deathly Sword of Heavenly Spirits and then in quick succession the White Magnolia. He left Pollack wounded and killed another few Rankers from Zahard's Army. After this, White run out of power, and fell down, but was captured by Dorian Frog. Later, White was imprisoned in special prison made for High Rankers.


Evan Edrok was able to free both White and Karaka easily when the rankers that were guarding the prison were not present. White and Karaka, immediately went to assist Baam and blocked Ari Bright Sharon's attack before it hits Baam. White was hit from behind by Baam, asking how did he manage to get his powers back, and that he doesn't want help from a demon like White. White who was unharmed from the attack said he didn't want to help Baam as well, but he made a promise with someone. He called Baam the 'Ace' of this war, and it would hurt his pride as a slayer if Baam died.


The sudden appearance of Kallavan have surprised everyone

White is seen fighting with Sharon whom he called a coward because of her family's history of avoiding wars and desiring peace. The sudden appearance of Kallavan caught White's attention and everybody as well. Afterwards, when Evankhell, Karaka, and Yuri was trying to stop Kallavan, White who is having his own battle was confronted by many rankers of the army, which he then used one of his special attack, Incinerating Shooting Star, which was strong enough for Sharon to yell at the army to watch out. The attack was blocked by Elpathion quite easily, whom White did not expect to come. Afterwards, the clone yelled at White calling him an idiot because he used up all his power again. Elpathion attempts to capture White again but he was teleported away by Enna Cores which belonged to Evan Edrok. White was surprised to see the guide and was told to be quiet as they were escaping.

Powers and Abilities

Before losing his power and reverting to his five composite souls, White was a Slayer of FUG, indicating a fearsome level of power and strength. White was also an avid sorcerer, utilising dangerous rituals and spells to attain power. When he was still active, he used countless lives as sacrifices in grand incantations.[4]

The appearance of his "final clone" revealed his power to be "higher than a Ranker's", as indicated by Evan Edrok,[9] suggesting that White's power could have been revered as something akin to a High Ranker's.

After being resurrected into a single entity again, White received his power back enabling him to effortlessly kill two Rankers instantly with a single attack.[11] However, according to SIU, White still has a long way to go before being considered as being in a "completed state".[10] It is implied that at his peak, White's power can rival a Zahard Army Corp Commander such as Kallavan [12]

White Style: Spirit Sword (화이트류 원령검, Hwaiteu-lyu Wonlyeong-geom): Being a FUG Slayer from the Arie Family, he developed his own style based on his knowledge of the Arie Swordsmanship.

  • Flame of the Dead (사자열적, Sajayeoljeog): A strong sword technique where Hoaqin attacks with a single flame-like slash that heads towards the target.[13]
  • Phantom Sword of the Dead ((포효) 환영사자검, (Pohyo) Hwan-yeongsajageom): A powerful sword technique that appears to be an incredibly powerful downward slash.[14][15]
  • Rise of the Dead (사자천시, Sajacheonsi): A powerful sword technique that utilises a flurry of skillful slashes that are launched towards the enemy travelling on abstract trajectories.[13][16]
  • Wake of the Dead (사자백시, Sajabaegsi): A powerful sword technique that utilises multiple slashes that are launched towards the foe simultaneously.[15]
  • Incinerating Flame of Death (백화사자일시, Baeghwasajailsi): Using this slash-based energy attack, White was able to annihilate two Rankers and destroy a immobilising substance produced by a High Ranker.[11]
  • Dance of the Dead (사자십시, Sajasibsi): This technique sends many slashes towards enemy from different angles. It killed Ranker.[17]
  • Incinerating Splash of the Dead (백화 사자천시, Baeghwa Sajacheonsi): Technique, which releases a huge vortex of white shinsoo with a slash. High Ranker Dorian Frog managed to block it.[17]
  • Complete Incineration - Deathly Sword of Heavenly Spirits (백화만개 백화만개 천혼사자검, Baeghwamangae Cheonhonsajageom): One of the most powerful techniques of White. After concentrating a lot of shinsoo inside him and his sword, White released powerful blast of white shinsoo with a spectral image of an undead king within.[18]
  • Incinerating Deadly Spirits - White Magnolia (백화 사자만시 백목련, Baeghwa Sajamansi Baegmoglyeon: A very powerful technique, used by White while fighting Rankers from Zahard's Army. White's many slashes creates breathtaking image, resembling a flower. It killed more than one Ranker.[18] Even more impressively, it managed to overwhelm a High Ranker such as Dorian Frog who also had help from another High Ranker, Ha Cheonhee.
  • Incinerating Shooting Star (백화 유성일시, Baeghwa Yuseong-ilsi): Technique, which releases a white beam of shinsoo from the sword. High Ranker Elpathion managed to block it, using his Lighthouses.[19]


  • (To Zahard's Army) "Hah, I'm a Slayer from FUG, White the Tenth Slayer! And now you're all my prey."[11]
  • "I'm coming up there again to slice you to pieces, father."[17]
  • (To Viole) "I don't really want to help you either. But I made a promise to someone and it looks like you are the 'Ace' in this fight. If you die here, it would hurt my pride as a slayer!!"[20]

Notes & Trivia

  • Even though White is technically a High Ranker, because the spell casted on the Hell Train is inactive, he is currently ranked as a Regular.[10]
  • SIU revealed his birthday to be March, 14.[21]
  • SIU has stated that White is an incredibly big yet incredibly small character. A powerful Slayer fallen to the realm of Regulars. A High Ranker in the world of Regulars. SIU wanted to create such being, and in order to make him fall in line with the power curve and make the setting not self-contradictory, SIU gave him the ability to collect souls to become stronger, and in the process he also gave White/Hoaqin a narrative of a son who despite his extreme power always will feel short of his father. He's also a character that embodies the Tower's conflicts.[2]


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