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This article contain profile of White in his complete form after he absorbed his last Clone near the event of the Last Station. If you're looking for his weaker version or his semi-perfect form, see Hoaqin.

It's been such a long time... I missed these waves of blue shinsu... I feel so refreshed.

—To himself after coming out the Hell Train.[7]

White (화이트, Hwaiteu) is the tenth Slayer of FUG,[6] one of the 2nd generation of Slayers, and until the latter events of the Hell Train, only his name and soul remained while his body had been lost.[8] It was revealed during the Dallar Show that Hoaqin and his other siblings, in their combined form, was actually White.[9] White was resurrected after Hoaqin and his Final Clone finally recombined.[10]

After the defeat of White, Hoaqin retreated to his inner-self and Vicente is currently in control of White's body.[11]


  • (To Zahard's Army) "Hah, I'm a Slayer from FUG, White the Tenth Slayer! And now you're all my prey."[7]
  • "I'm coming up there again to slice you to pieces, father."[12]
  • (To Viole) "I don't really want to help you either. But I made a promise to someone and it looks like you are the 'Ace' in this fight. If you die here, it would hurt my pride as a slayer!!"[13]
  • (To Hatsu) "Stop pissing me off, you ignorant punk. Sword is a tool for murder. Training your swordsmanship skills means learning how to kill. You can try to force your sword to be as polite as you want... But in the end, you're just a "killer". If you're afraid of becoming a murderer, choose a different path. Otherwise, you might just end up being disgusted with yourself."[14]
  • (To Kallavan) "I sure am lucky. Arriving at such a dramatic moment! All those troubles are gone and the front door is wide open. Why do I get the feeling my prey is tied up? I'm the Slayer "White". I'm here to devour you."[14]
  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Don't worry. I won't tell him, "your closest friend sacrificed the souls of dead warriors to revive the worst slayer of all." Anyway, as long as this plan works and I get my power back... I'll kill Kallavan on behalf of the slayer candidate as you asked."[15]
  • "Then again.. Compared to the Gods of this Tower, I suppose I'm just another insignificant soul too."[16]
  • (Looking at Baam) "I've definitely got my old power back... But it doesn't feel like quite enough. Out of everyone here, the person with the soul I want more than anything... is him. If I devour him, I bet I'd get an enormous boost of power. But I won't act too hastily. I will wait."[16]
  • (Pointing his sword to Kallavan) "If you think you're fighting the same White as last time, you're sorely mistaken, Kallavan."[16]
  • (Looking at Baam) "Want me to teach you... How to burn souls? You're ready."[16]
  • (To KhunAA) "Souls don't taste any good if they die without a struggle."[16]
  • (To Kallavan) "I'm really enjoying this little fight... But I'm starting to get hungry now. I can't wait to devour your sol when I'm done with you."[17]
  • (To himself about Kallavan) "... He must be in shock. Not that I dont understand. But I dont exactly enjoy seeing such a great warrior looking so down."​​

Notes & Trivia

  • Even though White is technically a High Ranker, because the spell is being cast off, he is currently ranked as a Regular.[18]
  • SIU revealed his birthday to be March 14th. (This refers to "Wikipedia: White Day")[1]
  • SIU has stated that White is an incredibly big yet incredibly small character. A powerful Slayer fell to the realm of Regulars. A High Ranker in the world of Regulars. SIU wanted to create such being, and in order to make him fall in line with the power curve and make the setting not self-contradictory, SIU gave him the ability to collect souls to become stronger, and in the process, he also gave White/Hoaqin a narrative of a son who despite his extreme power always will feel short of his father. He's also a character that embodies the Tower's conflicts.[5]
  • Stated by SIU, he currently has more skill and power than a Ranker and sometimes uses attacks that are High-Ranker level, but he still has limits to his powers after becoming one again with his last clone. Having this much power as a regular is unbelievably overpowered. So having that weakness of being limited to his full power actually balances things out. With the Arie-Swordsmanship and Soul Absorption, he seems to be still "growing".[19]
  • While not stated in LINE's translations, White tends to use the term "짐," an old term that only royals used. In other words, White refers to himself as "his majesty," showing his incredibly arrogant nature.
  • White was defeated by a Zahard's Princesses from the same family. This means that he was defeated by an Arie Princess of Zahard.[20]
  • As a slayer, White targets his father Arie Hon.[21]



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