Weye (와이, Wai) is a Ranker and a subordinate of Khul Nissam Kay.[1]


Weye and Jay joined the Zahard's Army together with Khul Nissam Kay. Kay's mother asked them to look after her son.

Appearance and Personality

He wears a helmet covering his entire head and a white bodysuit.

Weye seems to be loyal to the Nissam Family and he really cares about Khul Nissam Kay.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


Weye was in one of the warships of 1st divison joining 2nd division of 4th army corp at the Last Station.

After Karaka's minions attacked forces of Zahard's Army at the Last Station, Weye followed Khul Nissam Kay into battle. When Kay was sent flying away by Evankhell, Weye and Jay attacked the High Ranker with hatred in the eyes for what she did to their superior. After Jay got quickly beaten to death, Weye prepared baangs to attack Evankhell, but when she used her Orb technique Inferno, shinsoo from his baangs was sucked by the Orb. Soon after Weye's body started to melt, because of the heat from Evankhell's Orb.

Powers and Abilities

He was shown to be capable of using 10 baangs.[1]


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