Wave Controller (파도잡이, 波濤잡이, padojab-i) is a Position where one helps their allies in battles by attacking the enemy or by aiding the team using Shinsoo. Out of all the five ordinary Positions, Wave Controller is the rarest to be chosen for.


Even for a rare Position, the Wave Controller Position comes with extreme individual variations. There are Wave Controllers who recklessly attack the enemy and there are those change the tide of the battle by subtly altering the flow of the Shinsoo.

Since the ability to use raw Shinsoo at a level of efficiency that makes it more powerful than combining it with weaponry is quite rare, there are only handful of Wave Controllers as the traditional meaning, even among the Rankers. Most Wave Controllers lean to the powers of Shinsoo-manipulating items, but there are those who manipulate Shinsoo without any item whatsoever.

There are basically two types of Wave Controllers: Attacking-type and Support-type, but this kind of categorising is not used much. Wave Controllers are described as the directors of battles. Most of them have direct battle abilities and serve other Positions as well.[1]

Note: Apparently, Wave Controller doesn't necessarily refer to a person who manipulates Shinsoo but the conventional meaning of this term basically is used also in the Outer Tower. In this sense, it probably refers to a non-human like a Shinheuh species or even possibly an artificial organism or anything technological that can manipulate Shinsoo without an item.[1]

Basic Arming (Ranker)

Known Wave Controllers



Failed Regulars

Alternate Translations

  • Wave Wielder
  • Wave Catcher

Notes and Trivia

  • A Light Bearer and Wave Controller makes a very good combo. If you just control the Lighthouses well, it increases the number and amount of shinsoo, and more than anything, becomes an opponent without a blind spot.[2]


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