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Water (물, Mul, Water) is one of the rare elemental Shinsu Quality that allow the user to change their Shinsu into water.


Lulu explained his ability to change Shinsu into Water

Water element was first mentioned in the Name Hunt Station when the Hwaryun's rescue group which consisted of Hwa Ryun, Sachi Faker, Novick, and Boro managed to find the location where the prisoners (Rak Wraithraiser, Yeon Yihwa, and Hong Danhwa) were being held captive. They met Lulu, a member of the Da-an Tribe from the Underwater clan who was in charge as the prison guard.[1]

Lulu threatened Hwayun's group that he has an ability to change Shinsu in certain areas from oxygen into water or vice versa. Lulu said that he can change the Shinsu inside the tube prison container into water.[1]


The Cat Tower

Floodgates (수문, Sumun, Water Gate) inside The Cat Tower also use Water substance as a way to forcefully move the game participants to explore.[2]

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Notes and Trivia

  • Shinheuhs and Fishes are two completely different living beings. Fishes live in Water, but Shinheuhs live in Shinsu.[3]