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Warhorn Temple (정각사 (戰角寺), Jeongaksa) is an area of the Water Stadium, which was used as a waiting areas for Team Mad Dog and Team FUG. The shrine, which is a part of the temple, was used as a place to store the key for the 'winning prize' in the semifinal of the Development Tournament.[1]


Team Mad Dog was tasked with protecting the key inside the shrine and Team FUG was tasked with stealing the key, Team Mad Dog could also win by taking certain capture points away from the shrine as well. The Temple covers large sections of the northern area of the Water Stadium.


Novick and Baam is seen leaving their waiting room in the Temple after the start of the Development Tournament in the southern part of the stadium.[2] Later Varagarv is also seen leaving his waiting area, with the shrine being shown afterwards by Punk as he explains the rules to the Mad Dog VS FUG match.[1] Several events are later seen happening in the jungle around the Temple, with buildings sometimes appearing in the background, but no more events explicitly happen in the Temple.

Notes and Trivia

  • The hanja provided can be translated as such:
    • 戰 - War, Battle
    • 角 - Angle, Horn
    • 寺 - Temple
  • However, the hangul has been used to describe both Buddhist temples and government offices, which has lead to a lot of confusion surrounding the translation.

Alternate Translations

  • Battle Temple (Line)
  • Royal Office (The Company)



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