Rozeal holding a wand

A Wand (완드, wandeu; "Wand") is an item with the ability to create and collect an amount of Shinsu.

The ability to control Shinsu is very rare, and most Regulars and Rankers use special items when they wish to manipulate larger amounts of Shinsu. These items are called Wands.

A Wand and its Contract

When a Wand is made by its craftsmaster, a part of the crafting is for it to come under Contract with Guardians. Thus, the created wand can only be used on Floors where it has a Contract with a Guardian. If a Wand is under a contract of the Guardians of Floors 2-31, then it will not be able to manipulate any Shinsu on the 32nd Floor and beyond.

The Contract not only specifies the Floor(s) which the wand can be used, but also the fixed amount of Shinsu that can be manipulated. This limitation is likely specified using the three terms for measuring Shinsu: Baang, Myun, and Soo.

Known Wand Users

Known Wands

Notes and Trivia

  • Yu Han Sung owns a 10S-Rank Wand. This calibre is of extreme rarity in The Tower - most likely binds a contract for every Floor and can manipulate quite a bit of Shinsu.
  • Wands can be in any shape as seen by Yeongsuk's rings.


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