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Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Dohwa) is the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence controlled by the Land of the Peach Blossom or Dohwa for short, which is a part of The Five Flower Nation. This is the wall where ancient war hero Dowon was sealed.[2]


Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Dohwa) is located on a lower floor than the 52nd Floor where the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Peace Council) was built. This wall is led by Chairman Koer, descendant of the Dohwa Royal Family. This wall is mostly populated by the remnants of the descendants of Dohwa.


After FUG lost the war against the Zahard Empire, the remaining descendants of Dohwa had to migrate or moved into this wall as part of the agreement between the rebels (FUG forces) and Zahard Empire forces to achieve peace.[1] This wall is also had to be built by the rebels and had to be placed within the territory of Zahard Empire.[3] The reason could be so that Zahard Empire can closely monitor Dohwa's people activity.

After this massive wall was constructed, the King of Dohwa and its people quickly decided one-sidedly to seal their hero Dowon, without her consent. The sealing of these heroes is also as part of the agreement to supress FUG's power. Dowon received this shocking news in the middle of her battlefield against the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra Shinheuh which was controlled by the 8th Son of Lo Po Bia Family. The 8th Son delivered the news to Dowon while speaking through the giant cobra.

Dowon was initially disappointed with her kingdom's decision, because her own people choose sacrifice her, but in the end she choose to obey the royal family's order and agree to be sealed in the wall.[3]

Thousand of years passed after Dowon was sealed, the Zahard Empire finally decided to break the peace agreement after they suffer a big loss in the Battle of The Last Station and the other fact that the former Army Corps Commander Kallavan failed to assassinate the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. Afraid that Baam will start to spark FUG's long lost, forgotten spirit, and awaken all FUG war heroes, Princess Adori Zahard quickly ordered Zahard Empire Military to either "kill" or "persuade" the sealed heroes to join the Zahard Empire.

The former Army Corps Commander Kallavan was assigned alone to infiltrate this wall.[4][5]

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