The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (평화와 공존의 성벽, Pyeonghwawa Gongjon-ui Seongbyeok) refers to several walls built after genesis in order to make peace between Zahard Empire and the forces that opposed them.[1] The walls were constructed by the rebels against Zahard and they contain several of their war heroes inside.[2] The war heroes that are trapped inside are not dead and can be unsealed. Although a lot of walls were built, only three remain intact to this day,[3] one on the 52nd Floor, one on a lower floor, and one in an unknown location.[4]


First Wall

The first mentioned wall is located on the 52nd Floor[5]. Kal Rahim is the Chairman of the Peace Council and oversees the preservation of this section of the wall. This is the wall where ancient war hero Cha was sealed.

The 5th Army Corp of Zahard's Army was sent to this wall in order to destroy it.[6] Lo Po Bia Yasratcha was assigned with a special mission to awake Cha and either persuade him to join Zahard's side or he will be killed.

Second Wall

The second wall is located on a lower floor than the 52nd floor, but the exact floor is unknown. The wall is led by Chairman Koer, a royal family descendant of Dohwa which is a part of The Five Flower Nation. This wall is mostly populated by the remnants of the descendants of Dohwa. After FUG lost the war, the remaining descendants had to moved to this wall as part of an area within Zahard Empire.[3]

They lack manpower and accepted Kallavan in as a guard without even knowing who he is.[2] Dowon is sealed within this wall.[7] Kallavan was sent alone in order to destroy this wall.[6]

Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

The commander-in-chief Adori Zahard has ordered her forces to destroy the wall. This is due to the Twenty-Fifth Baam's escape at the Last Station, and the turmoil among the 10 Great Families, the commander-in-chief ordered the wall's destruction to suppress the possibility of a war[8] and the war heroes inside siding with the anti-Zahard forces.[2]

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Notes and Trivia

  • It was said that the war heroes of Zahard's Army were stored in the walls in the LINE translation[1], however it was actually the war heroes that opposed Zahard that were sealed in the wall. This is confirmed later in LINE translation when they are referred to as enemies.[2]



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