The Second Defensive Wall (2): This is the sixty-eighth chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God.




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Hello, this is SIU. Today, the Battle of the Cage continued, and then we see a hiatus notice at the end... oh dear...

Since this was announced in the previews three weeks ago, most of you who come here normally should know about this hiatus, but after this chapter, I will be going on a Tower of God hiatus for a while. I'm not sure if you guys ready the notice I posted three weeks ago, but if you are curious about the details of this hiatus, I would appreciate it if you could read the bottom portion of the post three weeks ago.

​As I said, I've been in hiatus mode for three weeks now, so I've been working with a bit more time for breaks. Since this is a mid-arc hiatus, it's impossible to not work outright, and since the story's already structured out, I feel as though me continuing to work on it at a reduced pace would be better for the story. I'm not exactly going around or sleeping all day just because it's a hiatus haha. The only difference is that I'm balancing my work time so that my body isn't put under too much stress. Anyway, I'm working while resting. I will be back once I have enough chapters stored up, and my physical and mental health at manageable levels.

And for me, I'm trying to find relaxation in the hiatus by writing out stories both related to and unrelated to Tower of God (TUS Expanded universe confirmed ?!?!?!). One of those stories is about Wangnan. Wangnan's story has to connect with the main story to some extent, so even though not immediate, I am considering posting it bit by bit instead of the afterword doodles for a bit, before getting it completely organized and creating a new project for it.

So I've been thinking about it, and what I have below is the rough draft for the intro to a 4-panel manhwa. Since I want to show you guys at least something in the middle of this hiatus, I doodled a bit while not pushing myself.


As you can see, I just made this with the idea of "it would be fun if there was this kinda story. This is a storyline that connects to the main storyline, so I would like for it to continue in great detail hehe, but I'll focus on the main story first, and work on this every once in a while if I remember to.

​One of the things I've kept in mind were you readers who continue to cheer me on. I feel sorry you guys, whose been with me for 10 years. As many events happening at the same time, I've had a difficult time physically and mentally, but now that I'm taking a break, I hope to set aside the complicated things and hope to recharge so I can continue Tower of God as a healthier and fitter person.

Then I will hope that even while I'm on break you guys spend the next few weeks happy and healthy. I will upload it on the blog if I have any work to show you or news. I will always be hoping you guys have a happy Monday, even if I'm on hiatus.

Then I hope to see you here after the hiatus.




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