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VS. Kallavan (6): This is the sixty-fifth chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God.




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Hello, this is SIU. May is already almost over. My birthday was a short while ago, and a lot of you sent me congratulations. Thank you _ _

I always end up being the one having to thank you all, and I can't do too much for you, so I feel so sorry for that.

This chapter... was hard on not just me but for everyone on the team. We wanted to make the flagship blowing up powerful. We thought it would be a panel too difficult to pull off on a weekly release schedule, but I had a layout I had in mind, so I had the panel sketched out for weeks on my own time. Thankfully because of that, we were able to finish it with a surprising amount of time.

With Kallavan coming out from the First Wall, this chapter could have been somewhat of a turning point, so I did give it some extra effort, but it seems that I can't please everyone haha. I just hope that what I had planned out gets through.

This is where I will end the afterwords for this week.


This is the part where the spoilers come in, so if you don't want to read it, you shouldn't. Well, there's nothing too big hehe, but that's how it is.

My preview readers: There will be a hiatus. Actually, I found out after starting Season 3 that I have a neck hernia. I got a simple treatment, but because I went back to right away, now I have a back hernia. It's not too hard to the point where I can't work or too painful, but it does hurt if I sit too long or if I move my body, so I had some pressure to take care of it while working at the same time, so we've been talking about when to take the hiatus.

Over the last few months, my bodily condition fell rapidly, and I had trouble staying mentally fit at the same time, so I decided that taking a hiatus to continue the arc in a more relaxed manner with a better condition would be better. That was what I told higher up, and I was granted the hiatus.

A short rest isn't going to make hernias or arthritis go away, but it would indeed help with my overall healthy, physical and mental through relaxation, and my team thought it would be a good chance for us to all take a little rest to raise efficiency.

I didn't set a duration for a hiatus this time because I don't know when I will be good enough to start uploading again, but also because I want to have more chapters saved up so that if I am not doing well all of a sudden again I can take a bit of a break. As such, although it pains me to say this, I am entering an indefinite hiatus.

In the chapter, there are a lot of people reading, so I wanted to keep the topic exclusively on the hiatus itself. I am sorry I wasn't able to write more there.

Well, the pre-hiatus and post-hiatus won't look too different. Even now, everyone in the team including myself is working hard for Tower of God, and I know that having a 10-year work this successful isn't easy. So that's why the biggest worry is "What if people think the art will improve after the hiatus" haha. Let's not hold overly high expectations on each other hehe.

But I am still an author, so in order to return better than when I left, I will make reserve chapters on a leisurely basis to make sure my hands stay in shape, and I will rest up and come back prepared!

Outside of the previews, the free release is continuing, and the anime is still airing, so I will keep writing on the blog some words or news from me. It won't be as if nothing happened though ^^;;

Anyway, I am sorry to post a hiatus notice like this, but I will still post how I'm doing and will try to get better soon _ _

Well, I will be back next week with a short afterword. You all know I always hope for your happiness and health, right? Stay happy, stay healthy, have a good week. Thank you _ _




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