Vol.3 Ch.50: 52F - The Nest (2)

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The nest (2):  This is the fiftieth chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God. It shows the aftermath of the fight on the wall, and for the new upcoming war Baam need the support of the FUG elder so he needs to prove himself to them.




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This is Tower of God author SIU.

Today's doodle is Hwaryeon, who hadn't been seen in a while hehe. It's not easy drawing her after all this time. Sometimes I mess up on her eyepatch placement so I have to switch it around hehe. I would appreciate it if you guys gently let me know if you spot any mistakes haha.

I will get started with the Season 3 Episode 50.

As I've said earlier, I'll try to tone down on talking about the chapter in the previews for a while. It gets long and hard to read, and it takes away from the freedom of interpretation from the work ^^; (Also it takes a long time to write haha)

The story continues after Yasracia killed more than half of the Houndborn. It seems like Yasracia has become the official villain of the 3rd Season thus far. I hope you guys don't get the wrong idea; I am not a cat person or a dog person, because I don't have either(...)

We see Baam's party talk about The Nest. The Nest may be a more esoteric place than one may expect. Hard to draw too (...)

We have Hwaryeon show up for the first time in a while. Prettiest among the S1 Regulars, word of god bois. Haha.

This chapter is... it's all a big ploy to make the fresh idol Baam into a super star, schemed up by Hwaryeon the dark manager and Khun Entertainment HQ (...) or something like that hahaha. I hope next week brings good results.

Actually, I don't like being outside, but last week there were some errands I had to take care of, and there was also a Fan Cafe meet up (TN: SIU WAIIII) so I went outside for a bit. I think I spoke too long there hehe. I got sentimental from all the age haha. I heard a lot of stories, so it was a good time. Thinking back, someone who was a student a few years ago showed up again as an adult, I love that kinda stuff. It's hard to look and love something for such a long time. I am thankful for everyone who loves both my work and all of the work's chracters. To those coming from afar and those cheering me on from the distance, thank you so much, all of you. I hope that this year too I will be able to display in return the good things, and a good webtoon, for all the love you've shown me.

And the quintessential corner of the day, Illness Time! I want to kill the throat inflammation (...)

Some are telling me I have pharyngitis qq I was too busy to go to the hospital this week, but I really do need to see an internal physician because I'm keep feeling unwell qq

Anyway, here's to the author that is becoming the spirit of Mondays ever, the work, and to all of you who are getting older with me, thank you for coming to see me this week too.

Well, I'll be back next week with the hot issue idol of the Regulars Baam. Have a happy, peaceful, and healthy week everyone! See you next week!

Thank you _ _



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