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Dowon (3): This is the forty-seventh chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God. It shows Toro unsealing Cha and the rest of the 5th Army Corp of Zahard's Army entering the battle against FUG.





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Hello, this is SIU. Today, in (belated) celebration of the Lunar New Year, I drew something for the occassion. Recently, there's been a lot of male characters (among other reasons.. hehe) I drew Hwaryun for the first time in a while. Since this LNY was on a weekend it felt short, but I hope all of you are having a happy Lunar New Year.

This week. We have the story of awakening the hero from the other wall. They call them heroes, but the ones sealed are really more so sacrifices. Kel Hellam perhaps wanted to use the houndborn to protect the walls in order to honor them. Compared to Dowon, this wall had their hero released pretty quickly to, so it may feel ab it rushed. There's also a bit of Cha's own personality to it haha

Actually, this chapter had a lot of files from a while back (This chapter was worked on before Dowon's side). Since we have multiple sides, a couple of these scenes are made in advance when the otherside isn't quite ready yet. which is a big distinction from print manhwa/manga as opposed to webtoons. It seems like a comfortable world we live in. but this comfort can sometimes nag on to a person, making people spend a lot of energy in the editing process. If you organize it by the time period, you see a lot of "oops" moments, and sometimes you get unsatisfactory results, which puts you in a bind. But it is a lot easier to work digitally than analogue. We gotta thank technology. Now if only authors could develop like technology haha.

Anyway. The battle at the wall is over, and the hero is released. Cha seems to have met this "Captain"/"Boss" too. In some regards, The Captain/ The Boss seems to have predicted the same fate. Kel Hellam saw bits and pieces of that fate, so that's how Yama and Yasracia ended up meeting. Cha promises to himself that he will serve Baam, and well... now I'm jealous of Baam, getting someone to serve him without doing anything. We also get the division commanders for the 5th Corps, and now we have a Team Yama vs 5th Corps match being set up. How will the battle flow... I hope you stay tuned ^^

I hope you are all enjoying your Lunar New Year holidays. I as usual stayed home, unable to visit my parents and working. This week ended up really busy haha. But the rest of my team was able to spend their time off, so I'm thinking that perhaps this was a great change for the market. I'm thinking of it positively.

Thanks you all of you, the webtoon market is growing and things are looking good for us, but this still isn't easy work. There's a lot of you that like what we do, but many of you are giving us criticisms of parts we came short on, and I am grateful for that. Of course, the creation of a work is matter of reality, which has many variables, and an author is the one most aware of it, so as an author, instead of saying a lot of words, showing it through action, and being able to maintain the physical and mental health to perform those actions well is the only way for the work to improve. I thank all of you both cheering me on and giving me constructive criticisms. I hope through my work each week gives many of you a bit of happiness.

And the returning segment: The Disease of the Week (how did I get here;;) I still have a throat cold, so I got a stronger medication, but it still isn't going away;; Beacuse of the throat cold medication and the antibiotics, I've been feeling drowsy and powerless (;;;), which is hard, and I'm scared because I'm not healing even though I had medication *shivers*. I want to stop taking antibiotics... I want to get better soon.

That will be it for my afterwords. My readers. I hope you enjoy your Lunar New Year holidays. I will be back next week with the stories from within the walls. How will Dowon's and Cha's story progress with Baam... I hope you look forward to it.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!




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