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Kallavan vs White (1): This is the forty-fourth chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God.





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Hello, in celebration of a new year, I drew Yuri who I haven't drawn in a while. I know a lot of you are sad that Yuri hasn't been shown lately, but she'll come in due time. She's not a character that actually shows up too often in Tower of God, but since a lot of High Rankers have been showing up, a lot of you seem to want Yuri to show up. It's not the right timing yet, so I hope you enjoy the current story of the walls ^^

This week's chapter is mostly battle scenes, so I will keep the summary short hehe

We see White and Kallavan's fight continue. We'll see White's sword take multiple forms. Right now, this form is specialized in making precise strikes with an extremely quick blade, and while it did make hits and hurt Kallavan at first, but after Kallavan started using the Essence of the Nothingness in full swing, it doesn't work any more. Kallavan's out of White's class as is rightnow it seems now, hehe.

Looking back, it shows you just how not just Ha Jinsung, who opened up full power Kallavan's belly, but also Baam who dealt some damage to Kallavan. Baam's offensive power is already quite something, but it also works on all tiers of enemies. Of course, you can't say White is weaker than Baam, but Baam's one attack seems more powerful in that it damaged Kallavan.

Anyway, while White is being beaten up like that, Canne ends up releasing the seal, and Dowon is awakened.

Dowon's awakening in particular, I must give my thanks to my assistants. If I was able to do better, it could have turned out better, but this kind of scene is very Tower of God.

With Dowon awakened, will a round 2 begin with Dowon against Kallavan, or will Kallavan be able to convince Dowon to join his side? I hope you look forward to next week hehe.

These days, my back has been hurting when it hadn't been for a while now. I was finally recovering from neck pains from therapy and exercise, and now I have twofold pain. Because drawing is a lot of looking down and bending down, a lot of problems come from there. It's a particuarlly sensitive part once injured, so I will try to manage it well as I upload, and if it doesn't look like it is going to get better, I may take a break. I thought I would at least make it so I would be an author that uploads regularly, but I am sorry to always keep giving you bad news about my health.

Anyway, we have a new year ^^ Let's put all the negatives of the last year in the past, and I hope only good things happen this year, and that everyone stays healthy and happy. I will do my best to stay healthy and happy, bringing you good webtoons as an author. I hope this year's content in particular will be fun.

Well then, I will be back next week with Dowon the awakened! Thank you for stopping by this week ^^

Have a blessed new year!

Thank you _ _




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