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Kallavan vs White (1): This is the forty-third chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God. It shows Kallavan fighting White, while elsewhere Baam is still fighting Daleet.


White and Hatsu confront Kallavan and Khane inside the Sealed Hero Tower. There, White reveals that Kallavan was once a squadron commander to Khane. Shocked by the revelation, Khane demanded to know his intentions and he replies that he was going to either persuade or kill Dowon. White tells Khane to wake her up as he stands no chance to the former squadron commander. Kallavan also asks her to awaken her sister. Khane becomes conflicted as she simply wanted peace. Kallavan replies that warriors are only at peace when they die. White throws at slash and Kallavan counters it, and their fight commences.

Back with Baam's group, Baam charges at Daleet with his new Red Thyrssa transformation. Rak amasses many rocks to provide cover. As Daleet blast through the rocks with his needle, Baam has moved above him. He notices this, proceeds to flick his needle at him, and attacks with a barrage of jabs from below. Baam dodges them and Rak's rock cover hinders some of his attack. When Daleet find an opening for an attack, he's blocked by a heated rock wall, and Khun's lighthouses freeze his needle. Baam breaks his needle with the Red Thyrssa and almost hits Daleet with it. Baam begins to wonder if the Red Thyrssa transformation can hurt Kallavan.

Back at the tower, White continuously throws slashes at Kallavan but they have no effect. Kallavan asks if "a certain irregular" is accompanying him as he mocks his strength. White gets offended and another punch from Kallavan pushes him outside. After seeing his sword beginning to break, he discards it and summons a new one called Spinel. The first slash he throws at him vanishes for a moment and then suddenly reappears, which cuts Kallavan's right arm.



Naver Endnote

White’s sword Cullinan! Good for New Year’s Day!
It can cut vegetables, watermelons, and even Kallavan’s arm as well! Only 39990 won!!
I hope everyone have a warm and happy new year’s eve! See you next week in 2020![1]

Blog Post


Hello, this is siu. Did you have a good Christmas? I spent it working as usual, but you know hehe. I still tried to get into the holiday spirit by buying cake and stuff. I used to be "too cool" for Christmas, but now that I'm older, I've been feeling more festive. Haha. Maybe I always wanted to celebrate Christmas. Anyway, the theme for this week's doodle is Goodbye 2019 hehe

This week: we saw a continuation of Baam and White's battles. On Baam's front, he's fighting like his position again for the first time in a while. Being able to attack and defend against Rankers properly is a sign that Team RaKhunBaam is becoming stronger as a whole. Of course, except for Baam there aren't any Regulars that can face off against a Ranker directly, but Rak and Khun both have abilities not often seen by Rankers. I hope this battle shows that they can be significant variables now.

You may think that the main party has been developing rather slowly, but having this underdogs fighting gigantic enemies is Tower of God's thing, so I hope I can bring that out to the best that I can. Well, Baam is not an underdog in his weight class no more if he uses the Thorn or uses Shinwonryu, but it just looks like it because he is fighting enemies that are much stronger than him it feels that way ^^; Baam is self aware to the point where he treats this as training. He knows his end goal after all.

The battle between White and Kallavan is at a bigger scale than RaKhunBaam's fight, but unlike the battle at the Last Station where they spammed AoE attacks, they're focused solely on killing each other. Well, if they were both at full power this would go from being a battle to a natural disaster...;; It seems that White has pulled out a new sword of sorts that can damage Kallavan. Will White the rash be able to back up his bluff... please stay tuned ^^ ​ ​ ​Oh, there are extra panels added since the preview release.

This is the last afterwords for 2019. This thought comes back every year, but when I end a year, I can only think "How did I withstand another whole year". That's how hard it is to post year-round. Next year marks 10 years of Tower of God. Haha, I've been doing this hard work for a long time now.

Actually, ever since I started to have neck problems this year, I was worried because I was just coming out of a hiatus and I had a lot of content to go through how I would withstand it. Even now I'm taking prescription painkillers for my neck, back, and wrist pain as I work. And even disregarding being ill, having a lot of regrets in your work is something difficult to withstand.

Personally I took this year as the foundation for season 3 next year as I worked. A webtoon is a living creature in that it doesn't always turn out the way you plan it to be, but I will work hard so next year I can show you something better. Well everyone, enjoy the rest of your 2019, and have a happy, healthy, and warm week.

Good job everyone for a good 2019, I'm forever grateful. I will come back 2020 with a cockier yet White and Kallavan. See you next week. And for all your encouragement, constructive criticism, and love for a work so shortcoming, truly truly I say:

Thank you! ​ ​




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