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The Wall with a Forget-Me-Not (5): This is the forty-second chapter of Volume 3 of Tower of God. It shows the fight between Kallavan and Tonki, while elsewhere Baam, Khun, and Rak is fighting the ranker Daleet.


Tonki and Kallavan are seen fighting outside the tower. Tonki unleashes his fireball technique.

Baam's team are now being confronted by Daleet who has turned on them after learning the "intruder" was a squadron commander of Zahard's Army. Baam tries to tell him that Kallavan does not care about their peace but Daleet tells him to stop talking. Daleet talks about how he was once a caretaker for meager people he encountered. One day, he got into an altercation with a ranker who has extorting labor and taking from the weak. However, that person was a younger brother of a high ranker who was also adored by the ruler of the area. Daleet was accused of murder and the ones who he cared for turned their backs to him. Ultimately, he was forced to leave and he eventually returned to the wall. Because of that experience, he came to a realization that the tower is ruled by the "laws of the jungle." Daleet proceeds to extend his needle at Baam's team. Rak forms a rock wall but it's quickly destroyed. The group narrowly escapes onto Baam's Blue Oar. They now prepares for a counterstrike with Baam's Red Thryssa and Khun's Fire Fish.

White completes his massacre of the prison guards and Hatsu informs him for Baam's team's battle with Daleet. Hatsu also scolds him and states that he's nothing but a murderer than swordsman. Whites says that swords are meant for murder, no amount of "polite swordsmanship" will prevent it, and he should choose another path if you don't like it.

Tonki launches his fireball at Kallavan but he stops and destroys it with his one free arm. Angered, Tonki charges at him but he's killed by a powerful punch. Kallavan takes the key around his necks and proceeds into the tower. Khane follows in suit but also mourns the loss of Tonki. Khane also grows concerned about Kallavan's power and how a fight him and Dowon could result.

As they enter the tower, White and Hatsu arrive. White delivers a opening slash, reveals his identity, and states that he plans to consume Kallavan's soul.



Blog Post


Hello, this is SIU. This week's doodle is White and Kallavan, like the last panel of today's chapter. Since it snowed a bit I drew in some snow.

This week, the fight between Kallavan and Tonki began. The fight didn't take up too much of the chapter, but Tonki is still a High Ranker-level individual. It's just that Kallavan is too strong... Those with an eye for references would have gotten it, but [눈치채신 분들은 채셨겠지만 톤키의 이름은 피구왕통키에서 가져온게 맞습니다 +키 (Korean animation Reference here, To be translated and explained later.) ] It was a cartoon I used to really like when I was a kid. Now that I look back though, it was really tragic, people dying and losing their dads over dodgeball. Of course, that happens with cards or spinning tops too haha.

The fight between Baam and Delete marks the beginning of Baam fighting Rankers as a routine hehe. We haven't seen Baam at full power in Season 3 yet, so even though he's facing off a Ranker, he's thinking of it as practice. Of course, for Regulars, Rankers are a big challenge and a mountain to climb.

At the end, we see Kallavan and White facing off as we close. Although in this arc we don't have a fight between two strong people yet, perhaps White the Boastful would live up to his reputation as a (former) Slayer... Of course, even within the Tower, a Corps Commander is a symbol of the unfellable hehe, but Kallavan coincidentally also now gets a shiny (former) in front of his title, so hehe. Looks like this is the beginning of the fight between White and Kallavan.

The weather got cold recently, but today's been an exception. I recently bought an airpod, and although I don't normally use use Apple products due to the price, the Airpod certainly is worth the price (doesn't change the fact that it's expensive though haha.) Sometimes I work outside, and I want to not have to deal with the outside noises: That's when the Airpod really helps. Now that I wrote that down, it feels like I'm paying to write an item review. Anyway, as a house bachelor, along with my humidifier and my dryer, this is in my list of top 3 best purchases.​

Also, this week is Christmas. The donation I talked about previously will be done on Christmas in its celebration. It won't be much, but I will donate items people need here and there. Now that I think about it, my life has been one where I received beyond my ability, and yet only now I realize that with this greed and worry that's accumulated in my life over the years, it has become hard to even share the small things. I thank you all readers who have given me this chance to reflect. With your family, with your loved ones, with a Kevin (T/N: SIU wut) and with Tower of God, I wish you all a warm Merry Christmas, with love.​

I'll be back next week with White and Kallavan. I always try to show improvement, but it is certainly a difficult task.​

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you!!​




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