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Hello, this is SIU. Today, I was thinking about Halloween, so I gave the characters Halloween costumes. Khun seems to really like his Dracula costume, but I think that suits him the best heh. I will keep it short today because I have stomach inflammation for the first time in a while hehe.

​Yama's gone, but the Battle of the Cage continues. The story of Baam with Dang Dang and Louie is coming to a close. Actually, this was something Baam had to experience at some point. Someone who reaches out first without thinking about it are doomed to experience this at some point. It's a moment of regret. This was one of the stories I wanted to tell in this arc, and I thought this would be a story that would help grow Baam internally, but I thought if things like this happen to the main character, you guys may have trouble with immersion (TN: SIU wat), so I tried to be careful about that as the story progressed.

As for Doom, he's seen many cases like Baam on the battlefield, so he is a bit more weathered and professional, but I want Baam to be a character who wouldn't lose his way and become dull to this kinda stuff.

​The Battle with the Elder is slowly coming to a close as well, and Yama, who got airlifted away is seeing his story progress too. Yama seems to only want to return to the cage, and although he is very reckless, he takes his leadership seriously at least. However, he's never held back in his case, so...

​ We finally see Yasracia, 5th Corps Commander. Is this finally the beginning of the cat-and-dog fight? hehe. The watermelon eyes are actually because I like watermelon haha. Just kidding, it wasn't because of that I wanted Yasracia to have watermelon eyes, but because after choosing the colors, I totally saw the watermelon theme, so that's how it went.

​It is certain, as Doom warned, that Yasracia is indeed a dangerous individual.

Well then, stay healthy in the cooling weather, and I will come back next week with the watermelon-eyed cat and Mr.Dog-King. If you stress too much you can get an inflamed stomach, do please stay happy and joyful in life haha.

Have a happy and healthy week.

​Thank you!



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