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Hello, this is SIU ^^ For this week's afterword doodle, I drew Thorn, Rachel, and Baam. Why Rachel is because... well;; she's one of the people that want the Thorn the most. (Of course, anyone who resents the 10 Families or Zahard would also want it.)

Yama, having gone through Full Metamorphosis last week is now pushing back on the Elder. It's amazing how this is not even his final form hehe. As it was shown in the chapter, Full Metamorphosis seems to give Yama a considerable amount of pain and burden, so I guess that's why he didn't go through Full Metamorphosis from the start. Like Karaka said, Yama is strong haha. Wonder what the Elder will do next...

Baam can't get a grip because of Gado's strong attacks. Like I said last week, it's already remarkable that a Regular like Baam is able to even survive this long ^^;; Of course, due to various external circumstances Gado can't actually try to kill Baam properly. This is when you need to give plot armor to your main characters. Anyway, just as Baam is about to be overwhelmed by Gado's attacks, we see Evankhell's message. Everyone, this is why ​you always stay where the wifi works best and make sure you take important calls. Haha... Anyway, we see Baam with the Thorn for the first time in a while. Even with the Thorn, since he's facing a High Ranker this can't be easy, but I hope you look forward to how the story will progress.

Also, the last bit is something I added on the preview version like how I did it last week, but it's only some minor changes in direction, no change in content. This is the last of the rushed chapters, so I had to make corrections, but now the chapters will be uploaded as normal, I hope.

These days, I find that as time goes on by how hard it is for people to live without worrying about something. Even until my early 20s I wasn't the type to really worry about anything hehe. But these days, I worry when even something slightest goes wrong. You know, being an author, I need to be brave always, and although I gave up living a normal and conformative live a long time ago, if I can't come to terms with that, I hope at least for work I would be able to be more brave in my life.

Well, next week I will be back with Baam, now with the thorn on. Everyone, take care of yourself in this cooler weather, and I hope you look forward to what direction the battle of the cage will go next week ^^ Thank you to all of my readers who always cheer me on. Please have a happy and healthy week, filled with courage.

Thank you!




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