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Hello, this is SIU ^^

Since I'm feeling under the weather today, I just drew RaKhunBaam training with spears.

This week, we have a lot of content that we went over during the fight with the Elder, who brought out from himself an Ancient. Gado talked about his relationship with Dang Dang, Louie, and himself. This was actually trimmed from the original plan, mainly because the other battles became more important. But this will still be one of the main storylines that pull this arc along. Rak made way to Baam using the Spear of the Ancients. The Spear still hasn't been ignited. It's already quite powerful, wonder how powerful it will be once it does ignite.

Baam arrives at Doom. I wonder how Doom is breathing right now hahah. Anyway, Gado stops him. Considering how Zon made such a cool entrance, Gado comes in looking like some extra... but he uses quick moments and attacks. Besides the super-high rankers so far, Gado is probably the fastest.

During the battle, we see not Baam but Red Bari going through a metamorphosis. Technically, this isn't a true metamorphosis, but rather more Baam absorbing the Metamorphosis system and applying it [on his own terms]. Since the power of the Red Bari is most familiar, it is expressed outwardly. I'm sorry to those who wanted to see Baam with doggy ears.

In the last bit, we see Zahard's army surrounding someplace. Wonder how the battlefield will flow... I hope you stay tuned.

The weather is getting a lot cooler This is my favorite type of weather. (But this is also cold season hehe) I prefer spring over fall, but... you only get two in a year so... hehe. When I was young air conditioning wasn't a thing yet, so after the hot summer when it was this season, I loved just laying around in the house lazily, but nowadays I'm older and doing more work, I don't get that anymore. I tend to hold a negative opinion on living a too busy of life, or putting work over all else, but if you cut yourself too much slack, you get nothing done hehe. I think to myself how nice it would be to be a genius author that has plenty of time off but still be good at his craft. Since I can't do that, I will work hard haha. I hope you all both achieve both what you want to do and relaxation concurrently ^^

Well then, next week I shall return with Baam and the Red Bari of the Right Arm (haha) Always thank you for watching me and coming over to the blog. Have a happy and healthy week! Thank you!



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